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'Fast & Furious 7'

3-Year-Old Twin Actors

Score a Fortune

4/21/2014 7:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a set of twins that may already have their college educations paid for ... because they're banking a HUGE sum of money in the new "Fast & Furious 7."

Charlie and Miller Kimsey were born in 2010.  According to their contracts -- obtained by TMZ -- they play Jack, the son of Paul Walker's character in the flick.  They are paid handsomely -- $3,276.90 per week -- EACH.

They've already started filming.  It's unclear how many weeks the kids will shoot.

One thing's for sure ... they won't have to sell lemonade this summer.


No Avatar


Lol there parents will blow threw it all way before college.... Haha no money for you

153 days ago


TMZ receives money to promote the Fast and Furious brand. As long as the name appears in the headline, any lame story will do. Grow up.

153 days ago


good grief, simply a shame they are going to make yet another f&f movie. how many times do people need to see bad actors racing each other for pink slips?

153 days ago


I hope their parents dont blow it all

153 days ago


That's a fortune? I'd almost guarantee they do all the shooting within 1-2 weeks. So the family will get $6500-13000. That's nothing to sneeze at, but it really isn't all that much money.

153 days ago


So I guess the headline 3-YEAR-OLD TWIN ACTORS ARE PAID SCALE TO APPEAR IN MOVIE, though completely accurate, didn't seem as interesting, huh?

153 days ago

Teresa andrews    

Keep the twins away from Singer.

153 days ago


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152 days ago


Each child would have to work at least one year(52 weeks)at scale to pay for four years at the average public college(using the future value of a dollar for 15 years at 3%) or about $166,000. You can double that for the average private college. Income taxes on their earnings have not be calculated, but would be a factor, and require more film work to cover, especially if filmed in California. Since 10 weeks is the average time to film a movie, and they probably would not be needed to be filmed for that amount of time, they might be able to pay for their college books or dorm fees with what they make on this movie.

152 days ago


Each kid would have to film for 52 weeks straight at scale to pay for the average public college in 15 years($166,000)using the future value of a dollar. Double that for private college. Income taxes were not deducted so they will have to work even more weeks to cover that. Since the average film take about 10-12 weeks to film, and they will only be used for a few weeks in the film, they have a long way to go to pay for college in 15 years, but enough time to get some leading roles, make enought money and kiss college goodbye.

152 days ago

Because I'm Right    

Guys really? I go to college, pretty damn good one at that. It is 5k per semester only because I dont have to live on campus. 3k a semester would be for a community college, actually just less than that. If they shoot for 8 more weeks, thats $26,215.20 and if they go to a community college, theyd have mony left over.

152 days ago

Tom Hanks    

Why the flying fk did I read this!!!!

Somebody - push my face in a bucket of feces till I vomit up my gall bladder. JUST DO IT!

152 days ago


Ok so all of you people saying that 3000 dollars per kid wouldn't be enough to send them to college well you should probably do the math if each kid gets paid for a full months work that get them each about 12000 dollars and if their parents were smart and put that money in an interest bearing CD then in 15 years each kid would have roughly 95000 dollars for their college tuition and by then im sure they can get a few more acting jobs and make even more money to add to that !!! And after saying all that im realizing most of you are probably just mad that you don't earn that much in one week !!!

151 days ago
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