'Ice Road Truckers' Star About That Whole Hooker Kidnapping Thing


"Ice Road Truckers" star Tim Zickuhr claims HE is the victim and not the hooker he's accused of tying up, beating, and forcing to jump out a window ... and he is itching for his day in court.

As TMZ first reported, Zickuhr was charged with three felonies -- first degree kidnapping, extortion, and coercion -- after an incident involving a Las Vegas hooker last December.

Zickuhr told our TMZ photog he did not hire the woman as a prostitute, instead insisting she's a friend. Zickuhr says he was trying to be a nice guy by loaning the woman money ... giving her his ATM card and PIN number.  Instead of taking out a little ... Zickuhr claims she wiped him out.

Zickuhr says he never tied her up, never beat her and never made her jump out of a window ... but admits this whole ordeal has probably ruined his career in Hollywood. 

BTW ... yes, we know that's Syrus from "Real World: Boston" standing next to him in the video. And yes, that's weird as hell.