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Bill O'Reilly

Beyonce Couldn't Care Less

About Young Black Girls Getting Pregnant

4/26/2014 8:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Beyonce doesn't deserve to be on the cover of TIME's 100 most influential people issue ... according to Bill O'Reilly -- who says her raunchy music videos are proof she's a HORRIBLE INFLUENCE!

O'Reilly's beef with Beyonce is no secret ... last month he said the singer negatively influenced teenage "girls of color" with her hyper-sexualized music video "Partition."

Bill re-upped his outrage on Friday while talking about Bey's TIME cover, saying -- "she knows that young girls getting pregnant in the African-American community now is about 70% out of wedlock. She knows and doesn't seem to care."

Of course, no one does bombastic over-reaction like O'Reilly -- but on this issue, we gotta ask ...


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The Right is not concerned about our children accept for keeping them out of thier neighborhood and away from their Family's. Mrs. Carter is well aware of her influence. The Right, Tea Party and Evangelicals want to take us back to the "good ole days" where we all will be repressed. Bill should use his bully pulpit to encourage Republicans ( who have been blocking) to work with the President and pass infrastructure legislation. It make no sense that China can do in ten years what takes us to do in 50. Focus on that and let Beyonce be Beyonce.

144 days ago


So parenting skills no longer have a part in teen pregnancy. Parents can control what children/teenagers watch. Beyonce sex videos do not tell teenagers to go out here and f**k. If that is the case, most of these videos and movies sell sex. There is more than one person to blame in the industry. Common sense is no longer common.

143 days ago


Don't get it twisted... O'Reilly doesn't care about teen pregnancy very much either.

But if he's gonna make headlines, he's gotta go where the attention's at.

143 days ago


red herring. music is not why black girls get pregnant and don't get married. marriages are going down cause it's more cost effective to stay single. you can get more help with stamps and insurance and other government programs. not saying it's right but it's not beyonces problem. and what happened to parental responsibilities

143 days ago


Instead of blaming celebrities for under age pregnancies blame the parents for not filtering what their teenagers watch. Beyonce is played in clubs that are for adults not at daycare centers. Jeez get a grip

142 days ago


last time i check we have theses things in our heads called brains.are we not suppose to use them?im so sick of people assuming kids/teens can't think for themselves.i may admire some of the things beyonce does but that doesnt mean im going to copy what she does or parents raised me to think for myself and decide what is right for me.thats what parents are supposed to isnt her problem if your children choose to follow what she does or potrays in her music.if you want your children to grow up right then lead by example. beyonce is not their mother or papa u are.her music isn't meant for young kids.she has already said that partition is for women.if you don't want your children listening to that type of music then you as their parent do something about mom and dad have raised three girls including myself with good heads on our shoulders because they raised us.they led by example.parents are there childrens biggest are with ur child day in and day out you raise them to be respectable adults not a celebrity you and you alone.srry for the essay im just sick of it.

142 days ago

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