LeToya Luckett So ... Did She Buy Beyonce's Album?

4/22/2014 10:05 AM PDT

Did LeToya Luckett Buy Beyonce's Album? -- Destiny's Child Castoff Speaks [VIDEO]


Imagine for a second that you are LeToya Luckett. You were kicked out of Destiny's Child right when the group took off. You sued (not once, but twice) Beyonce, her father and Kelly Rowland.

It's been over 10 years since all that went down. Bey has gone out to become HUGE and last December she famously dropped her latest album with zero promotion and EVERYBODY was talking about it.

The question  ... did you put aside your differences and fork over your hard-earned cash for a copy? Did you ignore it all together? Or did you download it illegally off a friend?

What would you do? What do you think she did ...