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You Be the Judge

4/26/2014 1:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Donald Sterling audiotape is shocking for sure, but is it enough to strip him of L.A. Clippers ownership.  We gotta ask ...


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It's never okay to be racist.....Booo 👎! Everyone is cool in my book.

158 days ago

just because    

i love it when dax posts the bruised legs pic just to catch perverts n unfriend them.....

158 days ago

just because    

i seen that pic lposted ike 40 times honestly

158 days ago


Harvey it is OK with you and Joan Rivers to Side with Ariel Castro, About Kidnapping and Brutally Raping and Causing 5 Miscarriages to one young Lady by Actually Punching the Sh-T out of her Stomach Raping and torturing 2 other young ladies, and getting one Pregnant. Remember Harvey that Ariel Castro Made the Exact same Argument that you and Joan Rivers made at his sentencing hearing, that Michelle Berry was fine because she Attended a Nelly Concert. So if you and Joan think that is OK, then please Don't be a GUTLESS COWARD, and explain why Racist Comments are bad, but Rape, Kidnapping and Torture are Appropriate?

158 days ago


Harvey is like a step mother you don't really know what her true intentions are

158 days ago


You're entitled to be a racist; however, be prepared to deal with the consequences of that and the shunning by polite society if you choose that path.

158 days ago


Joan Rivers is a Cruella Deville. She makes fun of other people's torture. If it had happened to her, would she change her opinion?? This woman needs a good hard look in the mirror.She is pathetic!!!

158 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

damn tmz, you really need to do something about all the dumb people who work there. i mean you need to come up with a better solution than just deleting comments because you don't like them. your site is shady and trashy as fuq, and then you go around deleting comments that match. like your emps are on some vengeance or some pathetic bs. lmao. a tmz vengeance, they'll erase all your chitty comments. ok then.... the soviet union called, they want their system back

158 days ago


Chase is one of the worse cards to have. They are predatory lenders with 29.99% interest rates who should not be pointing fingers and judging anyone.

158 days ago


Everyone has a right to their own opinion even if it is racist. With that being said as a women, I would never work for a man or date a man who has expressed resentment or hatred towards my race or another.

158 days ago


Even your own question is borderline racist TMZ. You ask if African American players should boycott. That really sounds like you are saying the other players should go about business as usual. How about simply "Clippers players" should boycott?

158 days ago


Technically one is allowed to be racist but they should pay the price for being such bigoted a$$holes. Including getting the $hit kicked out of you.

157 days ago


I put Joan Rivers in the same category as Fred Phelps from Westboro Church. No one will miss her once she's gone.

157 days ago


Gives Association chance to review policy. NFL shld follow suit ( Ersay) Marge Shot replay won't benefit anybody. You can see I am capable of providing the kind of commentary you desire. On your App. I can not see or edit the first line of what I'm typing, Change this with your IT department. It's not humorous. 30 days is sufficient to make this change. If you are interested in my continued interactions you will succeed in making this change.

157 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

the 'judge'? tmz has fuqn ji.zz brain from too mucho suck dlck. really. like you skulls are full of ji.zz, and no brain. ji.zzbrain staff at tmz, pathetic losers.

157 days ago
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