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Shaquille O'Neal

Apologizes for Mocking Man

with Genetic Disorder

4/30/2014 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Shaquille O'Neal has called and apologized to a Michigan man with a rare genetic disorder ... who claimed Shaq was mocking him in an Instagram photo. 

Shaq tweeted ... "Made a new friend today when I called and apologized to Jahmel Binion. Great dude. #alwayslearning #MYBADCUZ."

Jahmel -- who has a disorder called ectodermal dysplasia -- had said he felt hurt and bullied when Shaq posted a side-by-side picture on Instagram earlier this week. 

FYI -- ectodermal dysplasia is a condition that causes abnormalities in the teeth, hair, skin and more. 

"I was kinda hurt cause I look up to him," Jahmel told reporters ... "I watched Shaq play basketball the whole season and so I'm like why he making fun of me when he supposed to be this role model?"

Shaq has since removed the image from his page.

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Travis M.    

You're telling me Shaq doesn't have a "genetic disorder" somewhere?

184 days ago


Keep abortion legal so this won't happen again

184 days ago

José Roberto    

So...will be Shaquille banned from NBA too or black guys are immunes ?

184 days ago


Wow Shaq u of all ppl want to talk and make fun of sum1 after all these years ur still the punchline urself.

184 days ago


Maybe just maybe Jahmel Binion should stop posting selfies!!!!!!!!!!!

184 days ago


This makes me feel an absolute rage...one of the main campaigns that the nba supports is anti bullying. Although he didnt physically bully a person, its still a form of psychological bullying. Whether it was against one man or a whole genetic disorder isnt important. Shaq is a role model....he has an exteme amount of followers in social networks as well as on the population in general. Kids look up to him. Although he did apologize, the idea of justice done to the innocent should be consistent. All discrimation whether against race, gender, handicaps, or anything else is wrong. Its ignorance thriving. Its sickening. How are we supposed to grow as a culture and wish for unity, peace, and prosperity if this behavior is being shown and not reprimanded correctly and consistently? I continue to stress my point that this man is a role model....someone who the children, our future generation and decision makers follow and admire. The sterling case was absolutely horrible as well, but punishment is not being consistent at all. Calling and apologizing to the man isnt sufficient in this case as a way to redeem yourself. It needs to be taken into account that this man has over 8 million people following him on twitter. The severity of any public discrimation and form of bullying on that amount of potential influence should be taken into account. The punishment needs to "fit" the crime. After all thats one primary features to punishment. And it also prevents deterence. If he did it and got a simple slap on the wrist it will not keep others from doing it. And going this route, america will continue to remain in the de-sensitized, de-humanized, alienated state that we are. all forms of discrimination and bullying are wrong, and if we dont start trying to make a difference and change it when we see it happen, then we will just get worse and worse and as a country as a whole..and thats already happening....

183 days ago


So will Shaq get excused for this terrible thing hell yes..But Donald Sterling gets crucified

183 days ago


He's black it's ok

183 days ago


Comparing Shaq to Sterling is absurd...i swear ppl on here must have married there cousins.

183 days ago


you are disgusting and a disgrace. You can stand side by side with Donald Sterling, you are NO better.
i have NO respect for you. LOSER

183 days ago


I use to have respect for Shaq but no more....why doesn't the NBA give him a lifetime ban? Oh I forgot the punishment only applies to whites, black on black is ok.

183 days ago


How come this has not made any news? Shaq should be banned from his sponsors as well! This is another form of racism which is more evil because you have victims who cannot defend themselves. Does Shaq think that he is rugged? Rugged in his ethics!

183 days ago


So Shaq, looks like your going to be the fallout Black guy for this Sterling incident.

183 days ago


He's only apologizing cause he was caught.i used to think he was an alright guy until this,now i think Shaq is no better than every other *******.Congrats shaq,apology or not,to me your just another a-hole. P.S i'm glad i don't have any kids that i have to explain your actions to and i feel sorry for the parents that do.

183 days ago


Shaq what a real di--

183 days ago
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