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Leslie Jones

Slavery Puts Her On SNL Map

... For Better or Worse

5/6/2014 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


SNL writer Leslie Jones became a star performer for the show with her outrageous slavery themed sketch that was definitely sketchy -- but also pretty hilarious.

Although that might depend on who you ask ... and the person you're asking better not work at Ebony.



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Dov Zamir    


169 days ago


Saturday was 3 days ago, who cares

p.s. This spam is out of control tmz

169 days ago


Good for her. The show could use some controversy. And she could use a higher profile.

169 days ago


Good i hope to see more from her.

169 days ago


She reminds me of Donna Brazile.

169 days ago


It wasn't funny and it wasn't pretty. She made a complete fool of herself. Cool your jets, sista!

168 days ago


Blacks act like they are the only humans that have been subjected to slavery. Read your history and you will see that in comparison to other slaves, black slaves where fortunate. One group of people to take in mind is the American Indian. After much genocide attempts on them, many tribes became instinct. In addition, many tribes are still residing in reservations which they where placed there by force. Now there are so few Indians left and they have no political recognition in America. I'm sick of Blacks crying for slavery that ended in 1865. The Mexicans lost their war with the White man in 1848 and lost California, Texas, Nevada, Utah, etc. and where forced back to Mexico. Mexicans have since tried to illegally come back to America. Blacks don't want to go back to Africa because that is not a very nice place to live with all the war lords, etc. But they continue to complain about life here claiming that they are suppressed. However, a Black woman (Opra) is on of the richest individuals in America. And I might say, that other than having a gift for selling herself, she has no talent.

168 days ago

Everyone just needs to relax...    

The victimization routine is getting a little old. If the story of Obama or Oprah or Kenneth Chenault or Thurgood Marshall or even Lebron James tells us anything, it's that the opportunities are there for those who want to work for them. And that applies to people of all races. Why are Asians successful? Many Japanese were in internment camps during WW2 for crying out loud. Rather than complain, they simply work hard and EARN what they've got from hard work.

168 days ago


Embarrassing plus the bia is one ugly mofo

168 days ago


I'm not suprise that 80% of tmz found no problem with this bs. Most of tmz audience are racist, some of the most racist comments I've read on the internet is here on this board.

168 days ago


Glad she's on the show ( now show your true power and talents Leslie) ...something other than the slave/ ghetto babymama/typical stereotypes nextime

168 days ago


How about these people worry about REAL CURRENT ACTUALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW SLAVERY? Boko Harem in *****ia kidnapped 200+ SCHOOL GIRLS about 2 wks ago and they plan on SELLING THEM - after they have raped and beaten them so I am assuming these will be the girls who have survived thus far. Now THAT is what people ought to be gripping about and contacting OUR govt to do something about. THAT IS SLAVERY RIGHT NOW - not this 'oh I'm a victim' garbage. Check your perspective. And the BBC who is carrying the article today.

168 days ago


Its wasn't funny. Not funny material. Not funny delivery. Not funny subject. Period. Plain simple - she was stereotypically loud, brash, and being ugly does not help. It just wasn't funny and if she is a writer for SNL, I can see why it has gone to shiiiiiitt over the past few years.

168 days ago


She stole that story from Jimmy Th Greek Snyder

168 days ago


Can I just say to the people saying black people should get over slavery because it ended a long time ago. It lasted almost 250 years so that's a hard thing to just forget. Then there was the legal right for them to be treated like ****.

168 days ago
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