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Jada Pinkett Smith

There's NOTHING Sexual

About Willow/Moises Pic

5/8/2014 3:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jada Pinkett Smith was locked and loaded Wednesday ... telling photogs the pic of her 13-year-old daughter in a bed with a 20-year-old guy was innocent ... and we're all  "covert pedophiles" for thinking otherwise.

Jada arrived at LAX for a trip to NYC ... and she was brimming with anger, knowing we'd ask about the pic of Willow and her friend, "Hannah Montana" star Moises Arias.

Jada and Will rarely comment about their family ... so this one clearly got to her.


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Translation: It's a Scientology thing, You wouldn't understand.

166 days ago

BLUE UGLY đź’©    

Yea, just your 13 yr old daughter in bed with a shirtless 20 yr old with her head on his knee.... Terrible parents!!

166 days ago


Who says sexual, just wrong

166 days ago


How about these people actually RAISE their children!!!!!!! I mean for real, these kids run wild basically

166 days ago


BS your a messed up mother

166 days ago


U guys already know that the aria brothers and the smith kids are and have been friends. Why are u trying to store **** up that can damage the arias bro reputation with false allegations that you know are not true. I love TMZ but for the first time.....not this storry

166 days ago


...except for the fact they're in a bed...trying to look naked...

166 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Who cares. The whole family is creepy. Just leave them alone. I get the Willis just thinking about them. The little boy is creepy and the daughter looks like will smith with a wig on. Poor girl

166 days ago

Marco Polo    

Not sexual but definitely inappropriate.

166 days ago


I love their movies but when it comes to their ideology; I can't agree with this! They let their kids do whatever the hell they want...even if it includes letting their 13yr old girl lie in bed with a grown man. Where is the parenting?

166 days ago

harvey is racist    

seriously..thats what i was thinking

why is the world so perverted nowadays...every innocent interaction is viewed through the lens of sex.

fathers cant even hug their own kids anymore. Take an innocent pic of your baby in a bathtub washing and you get charged with child pornography.

such a peverted world.. it clearly looked like an innocent picture of a brother and sister watching movies in bed..

sexualizing everything is disgusting.

166 days ago


I don't think it's a great idea, but they weren't IN bed like TMZ is describing. Entirely different if they were.

166 days ago


Its some weird morning after controversy BS They both look android...#FlyAwayAliens

166 days ago


Good for jada. I dont see anything wrong with it their is obviously other people their or who would have taken the picture. Arias is a friend of her brothers I know I have photos of me and my older brothers friends when I was younger. Think back to when you was their age when you go round your friends house you go to their bedroom and chill play games and talk, sometimes their siblings older or younger would join you. More importantly he body language isnt inappropriate they are not cuddled up or what not.

166 days ago


Uh yeah, there is. Clueless whack jobs.

166 days ago
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