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Donald Sterling


5/12/2014 9:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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It's pretty incredible ... Donald Sterling goes on the attack against Magic Johnson during his interview with Anderson Cooper.

As you know, a photo of Magic with V. Stiviano that she posted on Instagram was the catalyst for the now-famous recording first posted on TMZ Sports.

Sterling told Cooper he's spoken with Magic twice since the recording became public, and then gratuitously added that Magic has not done enough to help minorities.

But then he went on ... saying Magic was not a good example for the children of L.A.

The interview airs tonight on CNN at 8P.

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No Avatar


What has Magic done for us poor white kids??

131 days ago


I'm at a lose as to why people act as though racist ideologies are not still active in our society. Perhaps you haven't traveled far enough south. As a black man that lives in the south, Sterling holds attitudes that are commonly heard. He is entitled to his opinion whether they are based on reality or not. He suffers from cancer and dementia. I've always it's good to know people's true feelings as opposed to falling victim to acts of institutional racism.

131 days ago

Miss k    

I guess sterling has a point

131 days ago

The Truth    

Sterling finally said what we were thinking Magic "knew" V. Stiviano well aka was doing the Hoe. That's why Sterling doesn't see Magic as a good role model cheating on his wife like he cheated in her when he got HIV. The truth finally got out he knew Magic was doing his girl.

131 days ago


All lies all lies lol who is this jerk kidding I for one Dont believe him

131 days ago


How can all of you white people on here condem Magic for having an affair, when at the same time Sterling is having an affair too? What is the difference? Is it because Magic got Aids from his affair? Well Sterling is losing his living for his affair!!!!

131 days ago

L. Ron Hubbard -Scientologist    

It is P.C. to respect and honor this spreader of AIDS!

131 days ago


This guy is a piece of work. What he needs to do is go somewhere and keep his mouth shut. When he said that Magic Johnson hasn't done much for the black community , Cooper should have asked him what has HE done for the minorities in his community. I believe he should be forced to sell his team for violating the owner policy with the NBA, even if his wife, who claims to deny him ever being a racists, does own 50%. here you have two fruitcakes, one a racist and the other , well I'll remain silent on her character.

131 days ago


Racism is not using the N-word, it is how someone thinks about people. This idiot just can't keep his attitudes toward Magic to himself and his mouth is going to cost him big time. This is not dementia but the ignorant comments of a racist fool.

131 days ago


Being a RACISTS is not against the law....I'm pretty sure if u close ur eyes and u just listen to what u hear u would think every body is a RACISTS on how they talk....

131 days ago


HIV johnson cant help his own kid, the lil fat gay one.

131 days ago


Yea hese right

131 days ago

Bob Barker    

Magic is not a good example. He cheating on his wife multiple times and acquired aids. He makes money off of minorities, he is not doing it out of the goodness of his heart. Whether you are black, white or purple, he is not a good role model. Peyton Manning, Larry Fitzgerald are good role models.

131 days ago


I wish many of those commenting here would live in Detroit, Michigan for 20 years as I did, then see what they have to say then. I'm behind Sterling 100%. Do any of you remember "FREEDOM OF SPEECH"?

131 days ago


The NBA is also trash.. And has too many criminals associating with the organization after convictions... It's funny how everyone thinks they are so much smarter than this self made billionaire..what a bunch of idiots the public are.

131 days ago
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