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Darren Sharper


In Prosecution's Case

5/15/2014 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Darren Sharper Rape Case
Darren Sharper
's lawyer just filed legal docs blasting holes in the multiple criminal cases in which the  former NFL star is accused of drugging and raping women.   In the legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- attorney Blair Berk lays out some pretty interesting weaknesses in the cases:

1.  Berk says in the legal docs the Miami Beach P.D. has declined to file ANY criminal charges against Sharper and the investigation is closed.  Short story, the evidence just wasn't there.

2.  Berk says in the L.A. case ... the rape kits showed the 2 female accusers had sperm and DNA from men other than Sharper on their clothing.  Berk alleges the D.A. refuses to ante up the names or any other info about the mystery men.

3.  Berk claims in the Arizona case the lead detective perjured himself by claiming Sharper's semen was found on the leggings of one of the accusers.  The detective testified as if he was reading from a forensic report, but Berk says it was all a lie and he later fessed up to the lie.

4. According to Berk, one of Sharper's Las Vegas accusers -- we'll call her Sarah -- had rough sex with another guy within 24 hours of her encounter with Sharper -- this according to the guy.  Berk says he admitted to cops he left visible injuries on Sharper's accuser.  

What's more ... there are 2 Vegas accusers -- Sarah and Jane.  Berk says neither woman complained about an alleged rape the day after.  In fact, Jane never even hinted she had sex with Sharper.  And get this.  The guy who had sex with Sarah texted Jane the day after saying, "I'll have some handsome white boys for [Sarah] when she comes back on her next vacation."  To that Jane replied, "[Sarah] went a little darker last night."  Berk says it sounded NOTHING like a rape.

5.  One of the key prosecution witnesses in the New Orleans case is under criminal investigation for allegedly drugging a woman at a bar and Berk says there's even video of him slipping something into her drink.  The guy is critical to the prosecution's case, claiming to have been at the bar with Sharper's accuser at the very time Sharper allegedly spiked her drink.

Berk and Sharper will be in court Friday, asking a judge to order prosecutors to fork over all of the evidence that tends to show Sharper is innocent. For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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Darren Sharper Rape Case..................HE IS GUILTY!

162 days ago



162 days ago

Jack Mehoff    

Lemme guess...because you were there.

162 days ago


Dude, just give him probation already. This is a waste of time. NEXT!

162 days ago

20th screen name     

Looks like he is innocent. Good luck to him. Hopefully he gets out of jail soon. While that booty is yummy, women can be sickos in the head.

162 days ago


Leave them white chicas alone, TROUBLE!!!!!

162 days ago


FIVE holes? Sheesh...I hope he has enough drugs to keep her out for a while.

162 days ago

Dog And Pony    

Too many coincidences, too many witnesses, too much evidence. If it was just one accuser he might get away with it, but not now.

162 days ago


Both of them are s***bags. With all of these cases around the US it looks like he for sure is guilty. Just admit it and serve your time loser. What's with the bad cops in Florida anyway? They must like this creep just like that idiot Jameis Winston.

162 days ago


Sounds like a set up to me.. Those who filed false claims should ALL be prosecuted.. Along with the authorities.

162 days ago


If he's innocent his life is still ruined

162 days ago


This is what happens when you mess with those trashy nasty type of ladies. What kind of woman has another man's stuff in her and calls rape on someone else and does change her nasty underwear.

162 days ago


Meant does not in previous post

162 days ago


Just more white trash trying to get an black man locked up . This isnt the 50s or 60s where you can just call rape on someone. I need to see real proof . Other than that i just see it as 2 white drunk w**res that gave up some a** and sh*t didnt go as planned now they mad.

162 days ago


Lol....needs to leave those trash bags alone...theybworst than rats!!! TMZ..damn near had dude in jail for rape charges!!

162 days ago
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