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Al Sharpton

Bieber Videos Prove

N-Word Should Be OFF LIMITS

6/5/2014 5:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

060514_al_sharpton_launchJustin Bieber's racist song underscores that the N-word has no place in our vocabulary ... so says Al Sharpton.

Sharpton was out on the streets of New York on Wednesday when our photog asked him about the videos ... which the Rev described as "troubling."

Sharpton said this scandal presents a "teachable moment" for Bieber and should serve as a reminder to everyone "none of us can use the N-word."

Although Sharpton seems to have forgiveness in his heart, his iPod is another story.


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There is such a thing as freedom of speech, kcuf the people that are always saying that we have the right to control your speech. I was born in a free country and speech is the way we express our feelings. Al Sharpton is a racist B a s t aa rd, The E R G G I N word should have been held in replect andThought as such. Then way do we call woman a B i t c H. Do you feel that this is very disrespectful. The list will be endless on words that should not be spoken. Get over it word haters . go F U C K yourselfs. This is freedom of speech.

138 days ago


Ok..Well in that case, I never want to hear another black person use the word "cracker" ever again. The term "cracker" is what the slaves used to call the slave drivers who would crack the whips over their backs. If we're going to keep bringing up sh_t that happened over 100 years ago when none of us were even born yet, then I reserve the right to not like being referred to as a cracker and I will now take it as racism whenever I hear a black person say that word in context to white people. You don't get to say racist things to/about white folks and then cry racism if one of us so much as tells a black joke. Al Sharpton is fine with racism as long as it's against white people.

138 days ago


This man spreads more racial hate than anyone on the planet! Him and Jessie Jackson can just F-ck right off!!

138 days ago


Yeah the N word should never be said and neither should "cracker" , "honky" , "peckerwood", "ghost"... ect. It goes both ways.

138 days ago


Well stated bird! Life's a two way street! If you want respect, earn it and treat others with respect!

138 days ago


Well he best make sure that every song that comes out DO NOT say the ``N`` word at least 100 times!!

138 days ago


Is he kidding me? His race couldn't care less.

138 days ago

Just My Opinion    

There is a song out about gold diggers, and was used to post about Mel Gibson ex that says the word N in it on youtube. But yet Mel got $#!^ for saying she dresses too sexy, and could get rape by a pack of Ns. As long as I live I won't get this at all. How can it be ok for one group to use the N word in songs, and call each other that, but white people can't say it? Oh, and Heaven forbid they use it their song. It's getting so that white people are going to have to ask black people permission to speak when around them. UNREAL!!

Oh, and Mel wasn't referring to "black people" only when he said that. This is what he meant by it.

A person of ANY RACE or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.

The song goes..she ain't messing with no broke N i* g**s

Well, she messed with Mel Gibson, and he ain't broke, so isn't that like calling Mel the N word too? LMAO

Am I the only one to see how stupid all of this is?

138 days ago


Now that I think about it, numerous rap "songs" (for the lack of a better, more accurately descriptive term) use terrible, degrading words to refer to women. Where's the justice? I can say what I want about others but you better be careful how you refer to me!

138 days ago


Al Sharpton the drug dealer using race to live off of racism. When judgement day comes I wouldn't want to be standing next to Jessie Jakson or Al Sharpton for all the terrible things they done with life. All I can say they will be left behind. : )

138 days ago

105 4N93135    

Sharpton is a joke of a human being and by far the most racist "celebrity" out there. Maybe when you and your equally ignorant butt buddy Jesse Jackson learn to treat ALL forms of racism equally instead of crying and making a big scene only when it involves a black person, people will begin to take you seriously. People like you are the ones who keep racism alive you ass clown

138 days ago


I wonder what he is doing to remove that word from every rap song out there. I wonder what record representatives he has spoken to to remove that word. I wonder what he has said to all the black comedians out there who use that word as well as negative words for white people. I wonder why he turns a blind eye to all the times a black kills a black, but upsets him when a white kills a black. I wonder why he never apologized for falsely accusing the white guys in the tawana brawley case, totally ruined their lives, and never paid them the money he owes them for what he did.

138 days ago


138 days ago


I hope everyone, including rap "artists" will not use that offensive word. Word!

138 days ago


Here's something I don't understand: I am heavyset. If someone called me "fat", it would hurt me, because I'm embarrassed of being fat. I'm also Mexican. If someone called me a racial slur, it wouldn't bother me, because I'm not embarrassed about my race. So why is it that only African Americans are allowed to use a term, but no one else can? That seems racist. What if only Caucasians were allowed to say "dude"? You know Al Sharpton would be leading the battle for EVERYONE to be allowed to use "dude", and how anyone who said they couldn't, was a racist. I get that the n-word has a negative connotation from forever ago, but that changed when African Americans started referring to themselves in an endearing manner when using that word.

138 days ago
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