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Dreamy McMug Shot

Mom Comes to His Defense

He's No Gangster!

6/20/2014 8:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hot Mug Shot Guy Gangster
Jeremy Meeks -- aka Dreamy McMug Shot -- for sure does one thing well ... he makes good kids, and has a very loyal mom who says McMug is being stereotyped because of his old tattoos.

Meeks is currently being held on $900,000 bail for illegally possessing firearms and ammo, carrying a loaded firearm in public and criminal street gang activity. 

His mother, Katherine Angier, is trying to raise money for bail using the website GoFundMe. She wrote, "Please help. My son was taken into custody on his way to work. He is a working man with a son. He is being stereotyped due to old tattoos."

She added, "He's my son and he is so sweet. Please help him to get a fair trial or else he'll be railroaded."

McMug's sister tells TMZ ... the only reason he carries guns is because he used to be in a gang and needs to protect himself.  And she says, he's been a practicing Christian for 7 years. 

The D.A.'s office says Meeks is a known member of the Northside Gangster Crips ... which is why gang charges were also filed against him.

Angier is hoping to raise $25,000 for her son's bail ... but as of this posting, she's only received $238.

The kid is 3 years old. The mother is McMug's wife. They have been married for 4 years.

Check out the gallery below of a few shots of Jeremy through the years. Let's just say ... a haircut did the man wonders!



No Avatar


Man mutha **** him!

104 days ago


He's married need to donate

104 days ago


Why are you reporting this? This guy is a low life nobody. Stop trying to make him a somebody.

104 days ago


Where is the link to donate???

104 days ago


I said it yesterday, I'll say it AGAIN...DONT JUDGE THIS MAN, YOU DONT KNOW HIM, AND WHO ARE ANY OF YOU TO JUDGE ANYONE?? everyone commenting is perfect? Without a past? No skeletons in your closets?? LAUGHABLE!! I HOPE SOMEONE, AN AGENT MAKES THIS GUY FAMOUS, AND ALL OF YOU CRUCIFYING HIM CAN EAT ISH!!

104 days ago


Not only is the Mother Delusional....

TMZ has Stooped to a New Low Advertising this..... Thing
due to...Pretty Eyes?


104 days ago


What on earth is wrong with this universe?!? Why on earth is TMZ reporting on this anyway? Was it a slow news day?

104 days ago


Then he smiled while wearing jorts...

104 days ago


For His Bail To Be So High He Couldn't Be That Good Of A Person. 900,000 Is Bail For Murderers, So They Must Have A lot On Him. Gosh & Harvey Get Off This Guy's Sack, Hes Not Gay lol

104 days ago


why is nobody mentioning the fact that a teardrop tattoo means you've killed someone?

104 days ago


You guys need to lighten up on us women. We are just having a little funposting and commenting on a beautiful stranger. Yes we know he's a felon no none of us are really going to go and try to find him

104 days ago


Too f'ing late. I'm sick and tired of these looser women who defend their gangsta kids. Shoulda taught him to be a law abiding, responsible, contributing members of society.

104 days ago

Sherri Gonzalez    

THE MEANING OF A TEAR DROP (STEREO TYPE PEOPLE GET YOUR FACTS START ABOUT THE TEAR DROP CUZ IT HAS "SEVERAL" MEANINGS BEHIND IT: The teardrop tattoo or tear tattoo is a symbolic tattoo that is placed underneath the eye. The tattoo has several connotations. Teardrop tattoos usually signify the loss of a friend or loved one. Often, for a male, the tattoo is given to represent the death of a brother.[citation needed] An empty tear signifies that the loved one has been killed or that the bearer has unsuccessfully attempted murder.[1] A filled tattoo signifies that a loved one has taken his or her own life, or was killed by a cause other than murder (car crash, death penalty, etc.) A tear with an empty top and a full bottom means that the wearer has avenged the murder of a loved one. The majority of the 'tear tattoos' seen in popular culture today, however, signifies that the wearer has killed, with the number of tears representing the number of kills.[1]

Tear tattoos, when given in prison, primarily indicate that the bearer has murdered someone, either in or out of jail.[1][2][3] In Australian prisons, teardrop tattoos are often forcibly given to convicted child molesters by other inmates.[4] The tattoo can also be given to commemorate a loved one who died while the wearer was incarcerated

104 days ago


Dude, there is more to person than looks. I dated hot guys and some of them were less than stellar people. People who like bad boys are doing nothing to themselves but bringing on the drama. Grow up.

104 days ago


Please post a photo of Officer Scott Hewell, Stockton Police Department, Killed in the line of duty protecting us from *******s like this guy. The same day you guys were giving him full court press, we were burying one of the good guys. This makes me sick.

104 days ago
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