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Great White

Shark Attack

Insane Video

7/6/2014 6:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A great white shark attacked a swimmer in Manhattan Beach CA and it was all caught on video.

The 7-foot shark was struggling on the wrong end of a fishing line near the pier. Shortly before the attack, the fisherman tried in vain for 40 minutes to reel the shark in ... the shark was agitated when some long- distance swimmers unwittingly crossed its path.

As video rolled ... the great white attacked one of the swimmers. People on the pier where the video was shot initially didn't realize someone was injured but soon thereafter it became apparent and they screamed at the people in the water to swim for their lives.

The attack victim sustained moderate injuries to his torso and is in stable condition.

The fisherman eventually cut the line.

TMZ Sports got this video shot last month of a 6-foot great white near the shoreline of Manhattan beach, as paddle boarders circled it.


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No Avatar

LuLu1024 👀    

It's all fun and games until someone loses a leg

46 days ago


Unbelieveably callous for those people filming the attack and watching people swimming away from the shark to be laughing and joking. F-ing A**holes!!!!! If it was you in that water you wouldn't be laughing would you?

46 days ago


I cant believe the swimmer asked how big it was!

46 days ago

Sin D    

SOOOOO insane you can not see a thing...>SLLLLOOOWWW day at TMZ again huh?

46 days ago


Just listen ed to vidio carefully and disagree with everyone saying that the kids were laughing at the tragedy. As soon as they realized a swimmer had been injured their tone changed immediatly with one guy saying THATS NOT GOOD. They continued to sound concerned and began to warn other swimmers. The only one who continue to sound uncaring strangely was the girl. Her voice never changed even after it was apparent someone was hurt. The dudes new it had turned serious the girl remained stupid, shallow,vapid. Not much worst then I dumb drunk female. pathetic.

46 days ago


It's so easy to avoid being attacked...stay the **** out of the Ocean.

46 days ago


As soon as the one guy says "unless he got bit" the other guy says "I hope not" "thats no good". Before that they were just some kids having a good time on the 4th of July. They thought it was funny the shark was scaring people but did not laugh at all after the attack. Listen more carefully before you judge them.

45 days ago


I would've kept it real and slapped the teeth out that Sharks mouth for disrespecting my G like that. Then I'da Hasslehoff'd up the beach and smoked those yuppy kids for failing to ask of my permission to even record the footage of my heroics.

45 days ago


Can TMZ try and at least circle and make signs on the image so we know who's who and where? I can't understand what is going on in that water.....where's the injured guy and where is the shark and the fisherman? Please?! And the people filming...yeah, I thought was pretty ignorant to laugh at any time. Even if they thought the ppl are just scared.... Most of there comments are insensitive. Sad! But back to my point, please make explanatory signs and circles and arrows....

45 days ago

Na.na.na.na Booboo.....stick ya head in doodoo    

Sensationalism at its best

45 days ago


Seriously? The ppl filming have a hatch but no soul.... Laughing at ppl almost getting ate by sharks.... PPL like them ****ing this whole world up.... From animals, ppl, to the environment.... Just a ****ed group of ppl

45 days ago


It wasn't an attack...it was a case of wrong place, wrong time. The shark did not seek out this swimmer as prey...it was trying to get a hook out of it's mouth. Once the injuries happened the fishing line was cut, and the shark went off. No attack there.

45 days ago


The kids laughing stopped when they realize the shark bit someone. Then they yelled at the nearby people to get out and when the swimmer asked "how big is it?" and one of the laughing kids said "Enough to bite your leg off, gtfo of the water. It already bit someone!"

45 days ago


Joan Rivers will soon have a joke about the shark getting Montezuma's revenge by eating some Mexican food.

45 days ago



45 days ago
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