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Nash Grier

Vine Star

Drops LOUD Homophobic Slur

7/8/2014 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nash Grier Homophobic Slur
Nash Grier -- the most followed person on Vine -- billowed out a homophobic slur so loud and angry it is truly shocking.

The 16-year-old posted the video in April -- then quickly deleted it.  It features a snippet from a TV commercial about HIV.  Grier clearly took issue with the message.

The reason it just surfaced -- Tyler Oakley, another social media star, got his hands on it and was appalled enough to blast it out.

Grier has since taken to Twitter to apologize. 




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Tbh who cares if he is homophobic or not if u watched the video clearly it was just one of his vines. It doesn't look or sounds like he did it intentionally to offend gays and he deleted it right after so obviously he realized what he has done and I mean honestly for every gay person out there that got offended by this is utterly stupid because they shouldn't even get mad about that they know who they are and they should be proud and confident enough about themselves to let a 16 year old comment affect them. And for Tyler Oakley your one of my all time favorite youtuber but that was pretty stupid of you to blast it out on social media I mean really u got offend by that too who cares i expected u to be like whatever and look right past it but I guess I was wrong. Everyone is attended to there own opinion in this world and who care what people say about a type of person ur going to hear people criticize u all ur life

48 days ago


This kid is a piece of **** who needs to be taught manners and just common knowledge. Not only does continuously, and i mean CONTINUOUSLY, use gay slurs and negative comments about gay, he degrades women and exploited his 3 year old sister to become "vine famous". Okay, so he publicly apologised for this incident but what about his video that said women HAD to be a certain way to be beautiful? To top it all off during his stupid tour where he and another viners charged people to watch them hump the air his brother wasn't at the NFL combine with no family there to support him because they'd rather mooch off this *******. He has a problem with homosexuals yet if you watch his and his friends, they hump each other and do other " gay" things. He is as gay as his frosted tip hair and tries to pretend like he hates gays. Sorry my ass. Anyone who is a fan or friend of this ****er is just as stupid as he is. He does not deserve this 15 minutes of fame he has for all these negative acts he partakes in. Choke on a dick Nash Grier and crawl back into the *******s of the Westboro Church members.

13 days ago
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