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Nash Grier

Vine Star

Drops LOUD Homophobic Slur

7/8/2014 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nash Grier Homophobic Slur
Nash Grier -- the most followed person on Vine -- billowed out a homophobic slur so loud and angry it is truly shocking.

The 16-year-old posted the video in April -- then quickly deleted it.  It features a snippet from a TV commercial about HIV.  Grier clearly took issue with the message.

The reason it just surfaced -- Tyler Oakley, another social media star, got his hands on it and was appalled enough to blast it out.

Grier has since taken to Twitter to apologize. 




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Since only the lamest of the lame go to vine, I really don't think this is a problem, unless you take into account the three people associated with that site that have social lives.

70 days ago


Who the hell is Nash Grier?

And, seriously...take one look at him, and with a straight face, try telling me he's NOT a self-hating closet homosexual.

70 days ago


you all need to STOP. nash is a good person, inside and out. he made some mistakes in the past, so what? don't we all? TMZ, instead of writing about something that doesn't need to be brought up again because nash already apologized and it was in the past, why don't you write about something else that is in PRESENT time. now, everyone is going to hate nash because of this stupid article. he isn't really like this, you all need to realize that. he is a good kid.

70 days ago


seriously at the end of that video he smiled. TMZ is just making him look bad which is a bunch of bull! Nash is not an *******, he is not an idiot, and he is most definitely not a ***!

70 days ago



70 days ago


Most followed person on Vine? Whites literally have ZERO talent.

70 days ago


Get over it people say and do what they want,many people make these videos but when he does it it's a big deal..

70 days ago


Of course it was Tyler Okaly, he has nothing better to do since his last rant incurred the wrath of the Directioners. Than being said Nash Grier is stupid (business wise not so much) and makes stupid videos, that while some may be offensive, non of it is meant to be taken seriously. The guy realized his mistake and took the video down months ago so why did up old dirt on him now?

70 days ago


**** you, Nash. Drop dead.

70 days ago


People have to learn to calm down. This political correctness to the extreme is just stupid.

70 days ago


Some of these comments are frightening. In my head I'm replacing the word "gay" with "black" or "women" and it makes me want to vomit... Example, "women need to earn respect" or "I have nothing against black people but not everyone has to like them". I think some commenters can anticipate great shame if their children were ever capable of reading their posts.

70 days ago


The headline should read, Biggest moron out of the site full of stupid idiots does something asinine. Shocker

70 days ago


You guys are relentless. First of all, some of you grown adults are telling a 16 year old kid to drop dead. That's messed up. He's a kid that did the responsible thing and apologized. The vine wasn't even meant to be offensive. He was joking. Although , it was offensive.. He Tok the vine down , literally a little bit later. AND Tyler Oakly, is the one who so nicely pointed out that NASH did indeed apologize about the vine. So. TMZ needs to get it together.

70 days ago


Being judgmental and smug is no way to go through life... eventually it blows up in your face...

70 days ago

My Name Is Mud    

So whatever happened to freedom of speech. Not sure if that was the choice of words to use but still.

70 days ago
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