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Teen Hunter Kendall Jones

Facebook Page with 'Kill Threat'


7/10/2014 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kill Kendall Jones Facebook Page

The "Kill Kendall Jones" Facebook page has been mysteriously taken down.

TMZ broke the story this morning ... Kendall's dad Cody went on the attack against Facebook because the site refused to remove the threatening page, saying it did not rise to the level of genuine risk or physical harm.

Cody disagreed, noting the page showed animals similar to the ones Kendall killed during her hunts but in reverse ... the prey were the victors, standing over the body of the hunter.

Facebook has not given a reason for the take down ... at least so far.  

Story developing



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Kill those animals with your bare hands, that would be trophy worthy. They're playing a ''sport'' the animal doesn't know they're in involved in. I wish I could slap these people in the back of the head and take pictures without getting in trouble.

49 days ago


Stop crying you bunch of babies!!!! She has a right to do what she wants as long as it's legal. The money spent to hunt these animals pays for security to protect these animals from being poached until there are none left. Do your researched before you start talking trash about someone. GOOD JOB KENDALL!!!!

49 days ago


I hate this girl with every fiber of my being. Do you know what would happen if we all thought, and acted the way this family did? The world would become a barren waste land. We need to fight to protect these animals as well as our forrests. Be thankful for what the world has to offer us, not what we can take from it. Look at the smile on her face....WHAT A HORRIBLE PERSON.

49 days ago


Wth is wrong with you people? Imagine if you put this much energy into giving a damn about another human being. Enough of this dumbass story. She's not the first and won't be the last.

49 days ago

There's a problem here    

Those magnificent creatures were not taken for sustenance; they were taken so Miss Beauty Queen Wannabe could show off. I wonder how she'd feel if someone came into her home, stalked her with a weapon while she had nowhere to hide, then take her out when they were damn good and ready.

49 days ago


Let me break it down for you how this transpired

The Dad: "Hey Facebook, there is a page on your site that encourages people to kill my daughter...please take it down

Facebook: (we don't agree with your daughters view on hunting so we are going to hold it against her) "this page does not violate the terms of service. You are Sh*t out of luck"

The Dad: "Fine...I will just talk to the media and tell them that Facebook endorses the attempted murder of my daughter as well as violence against women

Facebook: "Oh sh*t...we didn't think this through...someone take the site down before this gets ugly"

49 days ago


They should take down Kendall's page too!

49 days ago

bring back recent posts    

I don't get all the outrage at this particular female. Is it because she is " attractive" ?. Zillions of men hunt to kill for the thrill of it all the time. I hate that it happens,but this poor girl is being for lack of better words...dragged thru the mud on social media, where are all the male photos?

49 days ago


Yeah because people will freak out over a dead animal then a baby thrown in a garbage can.

49 days ago

Hanna Snowdon-Sykes    

Ok enough with this girl already I'm tired of hearing her name. She's just a stupid cheerleader not a celebrity. Yes I do hate her with a passion for what she did. But look, there are crazy people out there who will kill her regardless of the page.

49 days ago


Since I was amused by the site, I would say it was a parody. You know, comedy not a threat.

49 days ago


She is as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside ... what a souless bit@h.

49 days ago


No hate like liberal hate. Example #1927654

49 days ago


If she were posing with an aborted baby, Democrats would give her trophies. Strange people, they are.

49 days ago


Vile bitch, go to hell. It makes me physically ill to see her sweetly smile by the dead lion. Killing innocent animals, because she wants a reality show? Just killing for fun, there is surely something mentally wrong with her. Really disturbing how she takes it so lightly, no compassion or remorse.

49 days ago
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