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Fired 'Legal Weed' Security Guard

I'll Work for Pot!!!

7/10/2014 10:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who claims he was fired after getting the doobie-ous title, first person to buy legal weed in Washington -- says he's already on the hunt for a new job ... and he's trading on his newfound stoner fame.

Mike Boyer -- a security guard in Spokane -- says he was sacked after making the news for being the first guy in the state to buy legal buds.

Mike tells us his employer made him to take a drug test, but he told them he'd fail ... so his employer gave him the boot before the results came in -- even though he says his record was spotless.

Mike says he doesn't regret his new-found distinction  ... and now he's looking to cash in on his local fame.  He's hit up  every dispensary in town and filled out an employment application.

Mike adds, "I'm the number one guy for legal weed in Washington."



No Avatar


Yeah...I live here in spokane and this story is fake, though he did get fired.

84 days ago


If weed is legal, how can he get fired if he were to fail the drug test?

84 days ago


Seems like a fake story to me. If weed is legal, how is it that he would fail the test if nothing he took was illegal.

84 days ago


The legal status of weed doesn't excuse him from being a dumbass. Booze is legal, but that doesn't mean he can show up to work drunk.

84 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

If weed is legal shouldn't it have been illegal for them to fire him for buying it? And shouldn't weed testing by employers be obsolete? I don't get it.

84 days ago

Monte Porche    

It blows my mind that people can't grasp a simple concept. A business sets a policy prohibiting a certain behavior for their employees. If the employee violates that policy, he can be fired. For example, tattoos are legal. But an exclusive restaurant can have a policy that their servers have no visible tattoos. If a server goes out one night and gets a face tattoo, that restaurant can fire him for that, even though it is legal.

84 days ago


He'll collect unemployment for being fired````
In the mean time

PpP `` bitches!!!

84 days ago


If he didn't show up high to work What does it matter if he smokes weed.

84 days ago

Yvonne Muriel    

I really don't like when Harvey, interrupt people when they are talking, that is very rude. Didn't his patent teach him matter.

84 days ago


If he didn't show high to work what doesn't matter if he smokes weed Whatever he does in his free time is not theirs problem Weed is legal

84 days ago


Getting fired because you were a law abiding citizen. Awesome.

84 days ago


Gin is legal but you can't show up to work after having a few

84 days ago


Most employers have a condition when hired that states if u basically do something stupid like he did...u can be fired. Good luck getting work somewhere else with your stupid face in the news. What someone does in their personal personal. But when u advertise ur stupidity...this is what happens. Taco Bell is hiring....

84 days ago


It doesn't matter if weed is legal or not. Companies have their own rules/guidelines and if they don't allow it, then they have the right to terminate you.

84 days ago


The law should be...LEGALIZE!!! I would say as long as you don't smoke whilst you are on duty, otherwise that would be the issue. If weed is legal in the country then you should be entitled to smoke when you are out of working hours. The test should really be for other substances such as cocaine etc ( the actual bad drugs ) that do KILL! People need to wake up, WEED is NOT bad for you...This is also treated as medication for peoples symptoms, the drugs that kill are man made drugs in chemists etc...Think about why they never and did not want to legalize this in the first place! We are now showing them and fighting for it! I'm from the UK and cannot wait for them to legalize the weed here! Someday...

84 days ago
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