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Kendall Jones:

Why Does Facebook Want Me Dead?

7/10/2014 9:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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105 days ago


Because trophy hunting is NOT COOL you stupid B@#ch!

105 days ago


What? People don't want kendall dead--just to use her as target practice, feel a lot of pain, bleed some, get stitches-- repeat. It's that simple. No death wishes.

105 days ago


does anyone find it hilarious that that pig roquelle or however she spells it is trying to tell harvey what he should or shouldn't say?

how in god's name does that unintelligent putz have a job there? she embarrasses your staff daily.

what in the hell does she offer that keeps her employed there? are her parents famous or something? there has to be a catch here

105 days ago

Toidy Toid    

Reagan, the live video feed is gone.

105 days ago


Did the live feed crash?

105 days ago

come on now    

Tmz your live feed crashed . Get it together.

105 days ago

Sean Kelly    

This Country Western star is soooo huge that you had to repeatedly try to explain who he is. He is a songwriter. No one is going to stop using him to write songs for them.

105 days ago

CaliSurfer007 piece of **** liberals hate when animals die, but issue death threats to a human being. Just shows how ****ed in the head you are. If I was Kendall I would sue FB, won't allow legal hunting photos, even though there are thousands of Safari groups on FB with the same pics, yet they allow a FB page wanting to murder someone. FB is breaking the law.

Secondly coming from someone with a Bachelors degree in Wildlife Biology, Kendall did not take any endangered animals. The animals she took were extremely overpopulated in their areas.With resources (i.e food, water, land, etc) limited for wildlife in Africa as it is, what needs to happen is that older animals need to be taken out once done with mating and allow the younger animals to go through the mating and reproducing cycle. They raise their young and when they get old they get taken out and let the younger animals have access to the limited resources.

If older animals are not taken out, due to limited resources they will kill the younger animals, including from their own pack, so they can have continued full access to the limited resources left. The fact is, is that there are not enough resources left to just let animals in overpopulated areas live on their own. This isn't 25,000 years ago, human interaction in the past has made human interaction now and in the future necessary to sustain the population. If we just leave them, they will kill each other for the limited resources and due to no more mating by younger animals.....become extinct.

You also can not move animals from over populated areas to under populated areas. The natives pride will wipe any intruders out so it's not a threat to their own resources. It's all about the fight for limited resources now.

In 1900 there were 200 White Rhino in the entire world. Now due to hunters and proper conservation using the methods I just mentioned there are now over 20,000 White Rhino in Africa today.

Also if it wasn't for hunters paying so much money to hunt, seeing as 87% of all African wildlife are on privately owned land, instead of hunting ranches, those lands would be farms, and farmers would wipe those animals out for destroying their crops.

These animals may be exotic to foreigners, but to native African people they are pests, including the Elephant, Lion, Rhino, etc. The only reason they remain at all, is because Americans pay so much money to hunt.

Do your research before you bitch. Especially if you bitch while eating a cheeseburger from Mcdonalds. The only reason people bitch about African animals is because they seem exotic. But they are not exotic in Africa.

What if Africans came to the USA and bitched about killing deer, or an India came to the USA and grabbed the ****ing cheesburger out of your fat ass mouth because he thinks that cow is a god or his ancestors lol. Or even rats I believe.

Don't bitch until you do your ****ing homework!

105 days ago


TMZ is like a chick-fillet advertisement. They talk about it so much that I'm gonna have to start eating there. PS. I don't care about the owners beliefs as much as I care about all the Americans he employs and keeps off the streets.

105 days ago

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