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Jason Biggs

NOW I'm Sorry for Malaysian Air Joke

7/17/2014 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jason Biggs ApologizesJason Biggs is tucking his digital tail between his legs -- hours after blasting people who took offense to his Malaysia Airlines crash joke ... he's backing down and apologizing. 

Biggs tweeted his mea culpa moments ago ... saying he's deleted the crash joke from his page because he didn't mean to offend.

0717-jason-biggs-tweets-01Perhaps understanding how strange his sudden 180 sounds ... Biggs said, "No one is making me send these [apology] tweets- I simply understand that my comments might have come off as insensitive and ill-timed. For that, I apologize."

Jason added, "Sending positive thoughts to the victims and their families."



No Avatar


To much of a coincide two of em crash ???

100 days ago


He's a PIG!!
Thinks he's a HW hotshot and funny guy! Not so, never has been. His wife is a fool as well.

100 days ago


So this one time at band camp....

100 days ago


My first thought was I'm sure no one buying those stocks for awhile

100 days ago


He's a *****. Nothing really more to say.

100 days ago

Lars Eighner    

If that is the joke, I do not see anything particularly mean or offensive about it. It is not making light of the victims. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't have second thoughts about booking with that airline -- and that nervousness is where the humor comes from.

100 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

Dumb azz loser.

100 days ago


The pie-****er ain't got no heart!

100 days ago


What an imbecile !

100 days ago


I wish some of you could hear yourselves from where everyone else is standing. "People need to lighten up," and "you can't please everyone". As if he made a joke about religion or race. Do you even realize that acts of terrorism and plane crashes aren't JUST tragic when the victims are American?

Let's see how much YOU thought people needed to "get a sense of humour" back around about 9/11. Were people making jokes, then? Didn't think so. The truth is most of you think of what happened about as much as you think about a sheep farting somewhere in New Zealand. If it's not America, you don't need to consider anyone's feelings. You self righteous, egocentric bastards.

"You're always going to offend someone" is right, but you're talking about this like we're talking about freedom of speech. DO NOT mistake this discussion. This is NOT about what he is and isn't allowed to say. This is about 300 people DYING not even 24 hours ago due to an act of terrorism and whether or not it is HONESTLY appropriate to joke about that right now. Be honest. Don't just parrot your "FREEDOM FCK YEAH" crap, THINK. Is it RIGHT? It's NOT.

The majority of the people on that plane were Dutch and Australian. As a Dutch person (born and raised) living in Australia, married to an Australian, no, I don't think this crash is joke material just yet. I'm really fcking sorry that that is not up to the standards you set for everyone but yourselves. There is freedom, and there is respect. Learn how those two can work together.

I take this flight once a year. My family takes this flight when they fly over to see my new family in Australia. My co-worker was supposed to be on that plane but he missed it. I realize that it's not a problem until it's about your own mommys, but maybe you can grow up a little and own how you choose to treat and affect other people.

100 days ago


He's not sorry. He's scared for his sorry career. He will rot in the fires of hell with the child molesters and Evangelical Christians.

100 days ago


Still wondering why this made national news. Who cares what he thinks? Does this guy still even have a career? Glad your newborn daughter wasnt on the flight douchebag..

100 days ago

R U Kidding    

It's called spin to save his nonexistent career. Too late. You're still an a**hole.

100 days ago


Lots of people deal with tragedy through jokes and such. I see NOTHING wrong with his tweet. The passengers are still dead regardless. Are people really looking to Jason Biggs for ways to deal with death? It was more a joke about the airline anyway, he said nothing regarding the passengers.

100 days ago

Victor Newman    

What a s***bag.

100 days ago
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