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You be the Judge

7/19/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Biggs
took lots of heat for joking about selling off his Malaysian Air miles, even as the plane was smoldering.  And Tim McGraw got attention for bitch-slapping a female fan.  So we gotta ask ...


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Karvey Kardashian    

Of course Jean should be prosecuted just as any of us would be if we took a body while an investigation was going on! I can't stand Gabrielle or her cheating douchebag, so they will never get my vote. I don't even know who the other couple is, and I would still vote for them over the cheating douchebag and his tramp.

96 days ago


Jason Biggs was not the worse, MSNBC, Putting on a Rookie Reporter and producers, Taking a Prank Phone call from Howard Stern, was worse, and the State Department in there Press Briefing talking about Voting Ballots in Afghanistan, and not one word about a Civilian Plane being shot down over a war Zone in the Ukraine near the Russian Boarder, and President Obama Campaigning when a Civilian plane was shot down and a War breaking out between Israel and Hamas.

95 days ago



95 days ago

You Don't Know    

How are the two Malaysian tragedies different from one another? Why would one be fair game to joke about & the other not? Both involved innocent people loosing their lives. AND when are you going to post a poll asking us "Do you want to see more or less stories about the Kardashians?" Please make that an option.

95 days ago


For some time now, the questions in the "You Be The Judge" postings don't appear. Am I the only one out of the loop?

95 days ago


Somebody dropped `` the ball``` on this post!!

So``````` I have to ask?
Who's getting `` F`I`R`E`D?

95 days ago


Lol Rihanna has the right to be an idiot

95 days ago

arale norimaki    

Only in America can people this stupid be allowed to reach such positions

Why do people here in America make this kind of trash rich & infamous ? All she did was go south get pissed on. America has went down the sewer when thats all it takes to be rich & infamous.

95 days ago


What am I missing? $10k to beer bong a Jager bottle? Why not? 65% said they wouldn't, I'm not sure I get that. A few percent are rich enough to not care, fair enough. Some think they would die, good reasoning, even if you can just vomit afterwards.... but really, why would anyone turn down $10k for less than a minute of stupid? Show me the money, the bottle, and the beer bong, and I will play Daddy for a lil bit

95 days ago

Bossy Potato    

Would you die from alcohol poisoning if you beer bonged a bottle of jäger?

95 days ago



95 days ago


These poll answers are horrible. I'm not envious nor do I think she doesn't deserve it.

95 days ago

Mandy G.    

Regarding Rihanna's tweet, whether one agrees with it or not, she still has the right to believe what she wants, and say what she wants. My father taught me to be respectful of another's opinions, even if they were totally opposite of mine. Also, I thank God that we live in a countrry in which people can voice their opinions, no matter how unpopular they might be.

94 days ago

Mandy G.    

TMZ. Please give us the ability to report all these awful spammers ("make a million dollars working at home, etc."), so you can get rid of them. There are way too many of them! Thank you.

94 days ago


"Worse to joke about... Malaysian crash or Malaysian plane disappearance"

1st off THE PLANE DIDN'T CRASH!!! It was shot down a nearly 300 people were killed. Disgusting how you can get every stupid fact about Kim Kardashian "correct" and not a major news story running on every news outlet out there! If you don't want to research hard hitting International News then don't write questions about it.

94 days ago

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