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Joan Rivers

GOES OFF on Epic

Israel/Palestine Rant

7/25/2014 5:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

072514_joan_rivers_launchJoan Rivers jettisoned comedy for politics ... unleashing an impassioned defense of Israel that included an awesome New York/New Jersey analogy. 

Rivers was at LAX Thursday afternoon when our photog mentioned Israel and Palestine ... and that's all she wrote.  

You gotta see it. It comes from the heart and the gut.

As for Selena's tweet praying for Gaza ... well, see Joan attack.


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Joan is the Jewish Sarah Palin. Both full of c@ca.

59 days ago

hiram davis    

Joan nailed it, as usual.

59 days ago

hiram davis    

Say what you will about Joan, but she's got this right. Everybody else is so wrong!

59 days ago


What is wrong with you Jew-haters?! Everything Joan said is the truth!

59 days ago


She says it the way it is and doesn't take a back seat to anyone.

59 days ago


Too bad so many of her Jewish brethren are communists firsts and Jews second. The number of them, especially in Hollywood, siding with Imam Obama for the destruction of Israel is frightening.

59 days ago


Sorry but I agree with Selena this time. (Never thought I would say that). Israel started this year and years ago.

59 days ago


The hatred for Israel is at the same fever pitch as it was in the 30's. They are hated because they are God's chosen people whether you like that fact or not. The whole world will soon turn against the Jew just as the Bible prophets predicted. Hold on tight, you are about to enter the tribulation period.

59 days ago


Good for you joan.

59 days ago


Long live Israel!

59 days ago


I'm going to stick my neck out. THIS IS FOR YOU JOAN! While the massacre of the Palestinian children is horrible, stuff like that happens in war. People die. Children die. Women die. Innocent people die. Everyone seems to have forgotten that Hamas fired the FIRST shots in this war when they SLAUGHTERED the 3 INNOCENT boys on their way home from prayer services. Were those boys, unarmed boys, a threat to the Palestinians? Not unless their Torahs turned into rocket launchers. Is this a fair fight? Absolutely not. It's like David going up against Goliath with his penis in his hands instead of a slingshot and a stone. I'm 50 yrs old and I've never seen nor have I heard of a "fair fight." Don't forget, Israel extended the olive branch of PEACE and Hamas slapped it to the ground. Israel gave them the opportunity to GET THEIR WOMEN AND CHILDREN to safety and whatever else they needed to do. Palestine responded by firing on them during the allotted time. Palestine has captured an Israeli soldier and is holding him hostage. I pray they have the sense not to harm him. If they do, Israel will annihilate them...twice. This is a war that has waged on from the time of Isaac and Ishmael. 4,000 + yrs and the descendants of Ishmael, the BASTARD children of the Jews, will not...GET A GRIP!

59 days ago


Joanie's image just shot up 75% with me. Woman is spot on, with this one. Simple logic. WHEN will the lamestream media stop parading pictures of the "poor Palestinians" (WAAAH!), and START showing pictures of impact sites IN ISRAEL?? WHEN, GODDAMNIT?

59 days ago

Hyper valency    

When will both groups realize that fighting this decades and decades old war is getting them nowhere except thousands of lost innocent lives.

59 days ago


I think I'm in love...

59 days ago


Joan is %100 Correct. I'm So Happy Someone Had The Courage To Say What's On Their Mind. If Anyone Says Something

59 days ago
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