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Joan Rivers

GOES OFF on Epic

Israel/Palestine Rant

7/25/2014 5:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

072514_joan_rivers_launchJoan Rivers jettisoned comedy for politics ... unleashing an impassioned defense of Israel that included an awesome New York/New Jersey analogy. 

Rivers was at LAX Thursday afternoon when our photog mentioned Israel and Palestine ... and that's all she wrote.  

You gotta see it. It comes from the heart and the gut.

As for Selena's tweet praying for Gaza ... well, see Joan attack.


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Mr. Headset    

Hamas! LOL!!! Ha Hah hah Ha Hah Ha Hah Haa.....

90 days ago


Say what you will about Joan, her comments on this topic are absolutely on-target. To those offended by the the tenor of her comments, for God's sake, she was rightfully outraged.

90 days ago


ohhh no! Not a rational voice!! Nooooo

90 days ago


Joan Rivers is Jewish. She has a right to defend Israel and Jews. It's in her DNA.

90 days ago


Amen... Good for you Joan - gotta agree with you 100% on this. Hamas are terrorist.. they use civilians as shields, a proven fact. Israel uses more restraint than I can fathom.

They need to FLATTEN everything in Gaza.. let the arabs who live there find somewhere else to go.. this crap has to END.

90 days ago


I like what she said about selana lol.

90 days ago


I totally agree with Joan. Enough is Enough. Let it Rip.

90 days ago


She's so funny

90 days ago


We must forgive Joan. She has had so many face lifts it has affected her brain and now that she is senile like some old people, she is unaware of her comments and how they harm everyone. She is also promoting her new book about being a Diva. Let us start a petition to have here admitted to a rubber room where she can't hurt anyone. It id s pity, I once liked her. Oh well, she is old and we won't have to listen to her much longer. Here next face lift will push her brain out of her head.

90 days ago


I have always loved Joan Rivers but on this issue she is completely uninformed. She says she has been "there"? There is probably Israel and not Gaza. She has no idea that people in Gaza are living in an open air prison with no freedom or the basic human rights, no water, no electricity, no jobs, no food. 80% need help from the UN because of the apartheid and oppressive tactics of Israel. Her New York / New Jersey analogy is ridiculous because they are both independent sovereign states whereas Gaza is not. She's the insane moron here.

90 days ago


Love you, Joan!!! All of you who blame Israel for this are insane!

90 days ago


Did Mrs Rivers read in her history book about the Jews with the help of the UN and President Harry Turman..creating a homeland for the displaces Jews left after WW2? Well in 1948 the land the Palestinians had been living on for over 1000 years was taken, without their consent and mostly by force, during the creation of the state of Israel...all subsquent crimes on both sides inevitably follow from this injustice...I don't take sides....but if I was a Palestinian I would be mad too....

90 days ago


Joan is absolutely right but - why didn't you have your personnel on camera making nasty, ignorant and false remarks about her as you did with Sarah Palin? Do you only do that for women who support the Constitution?

90 days ago

Jan Green    

"They started it," is a defense 5th graders often use. Killing civilians knowingly is just wrong. The nananabooboi defense ain't working.

90 days ago


Joan is following the Howard Stern approach.

Well, they both may yell out the same old tired talking points, but neither facts nor insights.

They can rant, but they can't debate anyone informed on the subject.

Turkey is a democracy. Iraq may be a mess (thanks to us) but it's also a 100% democracy while Israel is only a semi-democracy so long as the majority of people living within the territory that Israel controls cannot vote; instead they are held captive in a military occupation Israel is uninterested in ending that grants them no civil liberties.

And why doesn't Israel want the one-state solution that would make all those folks citizens? Because like South Africa during apartheid, they want only white Israelis to have the majority vote. Well, what kind of democracy is that? Yeah, we love democracy, so long as we, a privileged class, control it.

Didn't work in Alabama, and it gonna work in Israel.

By that standard, Syria is much more of a democracy.

And Israel can easily have its own state, tomorrow, but within the '67 borders. Well, Israel (actually, the Likud government that runs Israel -- countless Jewish Israelis hate and fight against the occupation) will not take that deal -- because they aspire to be larger. Much larger. And to pull that off, they need to ethnically cleanse. And that's what they're doing in the west bank. Period.

And it's wrong. The whole world, including the United States (!!!), says the settlements are illegal and preventing the two-state solution. Israel keeps building more and more.

Well, guess what?

People may be stupid, but even people who buy Joan Rivers' fake jewelry can see through the brand slogans and other feeble PR campaigns when the underlying reality is so clear.

90 days ago
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