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Kevin Sorbo

Calls Ferguson Protesters

'Animals' and 'Losers'

8/21/2014 7:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0821-kevin-sorbo-01Kevin Sorbo unleashed a crazy rant on Facebook about the unrest in Ferguson ... accusing protesters of using the shooting of Michael Brown as "an excuse to be the losers these animals truly are."

The former "Hercules" star, who's a die-hard conservative, said on Facebook, "Ferguson riots have very little to do with the shooting of the young man."

He thinks the rioters are people who failed in life and need to cast blame for their shortcomings.

He wrote, "Hopefully this is a reminder to the African Americans ( I always thought we just Americans. Oh, well.) that their President the [sic] voted in has only made things worse for them, not better."

Sorbo then proceeded to paste the contents of a recent article from the Jewish World Review entitled, "Media Clueless About the Inner City."

12:00 PM PT -- Kevin is now apologizing for his comments.



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My big thing is when people make comments about black crime is they act like their race doesn't comment any. Go on the FBIs website and look at crime stats. Millions more crimes are committed by whites. Black's are slightly higher in murders. Whites dominate rapes, domestic violence, theft, and pretty much all other crimes, but everytime something happens with blacks whites act like its the end of the world.

64 days ago


And now it turns out - the cop had been beaten up. Of course most of us knew there was more to the story.. after seeing the video of the thug robbing and roughing up the elderly convenience store clerk.. Who would rough up an older man like that? Besides a THUG..
I knew there was more to the story.. so he and the thug with him in the robbery -- roughed up the cop.. and the cop DEFENDED himself.
Why didn't the protesters wait for more information to come out BEFORE automatically blaming it all on the cop? What a bunch of ignorant fools.. Now they REALLY look stupid.
I hope all the people who called him a murderer -- get sued... and have to pay him for their lies and character assassination..
AMERICA STANDS WITH YOU DARREN WILSON.. Those handful of animals ( Ie protesters ) do NOT represent America...

64 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Every black person in America could have voted for him and it still wouldn't be enough for him to win. White, latina, indian, and so on voted for him. Stop being ridiculous. I was with him until he said that part. Looters are not protesters. They're just looters and they are losers.

64 days ago


Keep kissing Greg Gutfelds butt Kevin. Maybe he will book you on "Red Eye" again and you can buy groceries this month.

64 days ago


He's only telling the truth! !!!!! Tear up your own town.... IDIOTS!!!!!!

64 days ago


Faded star ceasing an opportunity to make a come. Bitch go eat a bullet or better yet pull a Robin Williams!

64 days ago

Macc 6400    

Damn. It used to be the rioters that were the "animals." Now the protestors are "animals" too? I guess the next step is for all of them to just take it on the chin and go home, don't say a word. Who cares if your college bound son dies? You have no right to feel upset about it.

64 days ago


Yes lets make a sweeping generalization of all African Americans :l

64 days ago



64 days ago


And there you have it, folks. Problems solved--we've heard from Kevin Sorbo! Me thinks he drinks.

64 days ago


When its all said and done this thug will still be dead and your city will be in ruins. Great mentality. ...

64 days ago


He is 100% right

64 days ago


he is correct..the media fans the flames..watching the media we have heard he had his hands up and his friends ssay so..but there is a video of an eye witness saying that mike was charging the cop after being shot and would not stop...but as you can guess that vid has never been shown

64 days ago


F'ing idiots. Always got to be a race thing. If it was a black cop killin a white man this wouldn't be news.

64 days ago


I guess we're all still walking on egg shells for the minority. Pick a term to call yourselves and stick with it. Don't refer to yourselves as one thing and then demand something else when you decide you dont like it anymore or that no one else can say it.

64 days ago
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