Paris Hilton Slammed by Deadmau5 And It Screams of Haterade!

10/24/2014 9:13 AM PDT
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Deadmau5 -- one of the biggest DJs in the EDM world -- just threw major shade at Paris Hilton ... calling her a phony artist.  But in reality, the dude just looks like a hater.

The popular DJ took to his blog to put Paris on blast ... claiming she's an amateur who has no place performing in the same venues as him and his peers -- and it's insulting she would try.

Deadmau5 compares it to the racing circuit ... adding, "if i just showed up one day… dated a driver, then hopped on the circuit the following week “just coz i can” ?  god… even i know my f***** limits."

Now seriously ... saying that getting behind a turntable is the same as getting behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car ... he's kidding, right?

Deadmau5 adds, "Here's what you actually are to everyone who knows better.. ticket sales. nothing more."

But wait ... if she's selling a lot of tickets ... and audiences are showing up to see what she's doing ... what is he so mad about?! 

Paris responded shortly after ... tweeting, "I find it hilarious when others try to badmouth me in order to get attention. Sorry that I'm #Killingit while doing what I love & live for."