Lil Wayne's Manager Everything Is Fine ... Weezy Ain't Leaving Cash Money!

12/5/2014 4:45 AM PST

Lil Wayne went off on Cash Money ... apparently ... but his manager says everything is good between Weezy and the label -- problem is he makes it sound TOO good to believe.

Wayne made headlines Thursday when he ranted against Cash Money on Twitter ... saying it was the label's fault his new album wasn't coming out yet. He ranted, "I want off this label and nothing to do with these people but unfortunately it ain't that easy."

But after clubbing at Penthouse last night, Weezy's manager, Cortez Bryant, said everything was basically sunshine and rainbows. So, was Weezy hacked? Are they just drumming up publicity? 

Judge for yourself ... and keep this in mind -- Wayne posted a pic this morning where he looks like a hostage. Actually, he called himself a "prisoner."
Cortez contacted us to say he was being "sarcastic." He now says the situation is very "serious" between Weezy and Cash Money.