Lacey Wildd Crash Diet Safety Feature: Ginormous Airbags

3/19/2015 9:21 AM PDT

By the size of her monstrous camel sacks ... you wouldn't know reality star Lacey Wildd is starving -- but she's 6 weeks into a dangerous diet ... all to become an extreme real life Barbie.

The 46-year-old mother of six (eight if you count the twins) has undergone 36 plastic surgeries -- but is scrambling to shed as many pounds as possible before her 37th, which will be -- you guessed it ... another boob job.

TLC's "My Strange Addiction" and "Botched" star is going from LLL to QQQ, and says she's dropped 22 lbs by eating nothing more than an apple a day.

She says doctors have warned her to stop, but she's determined to become a walking cartoon character.

Note to Lacey: Mission accomplished.