Birdman Sued Producer Claims He Got Stiffed ... Via Hilarious Text Messages

8/17/2015 12:50 AM PDT

Birdman is accused of using the social media version of "The check's in the mail" to blow off Lil Wayne's producer who is now suing him for a fortune.

The producer -- who goes by DVLP -- had his people make various demands that Birdman and Cash Money cough up $200,000 for work he did on albums for Wayne and other artists.

Birdman's response shows the new frontier in blowing off creditors. Forget a lawyer's letter ... Birdman is all about texting DVLP to hold him at bay.  

Some of the texts ...

-- "I'm getting yu paid"

-- "I'm working with yu fam"

-- "You gone get tht 200k"

-- "s**t GETTIN don"

Apparently it didn't, because DVLP is taking it to a judge.