Saint West the Rapper Baby Can Have My Name ... I'm Retiring!

12/20/2015 3:53 PM PST

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's son is now the only Saint West in show biz -- the Canadian rapper who had the handle first has decided to get out of the hip hop game.

TMZ contacted the guy, who's now going by his government name -- Lindon McIntyre -- to find out if he was planned to make a stink about Kim and Kanye's spawn biting his name, especially on Twitter.

He sent us this hysterical video reply. These days he looks nothing like a rapper, and more like an accountant -- although he's actually a plumber, and ballroom dance is his hobby.

Watch ... he has some career advice for Saint West 2.0.

Shame his career's ending before it began -- seems like an entertaining guy.