Flint Mayor Calling All Superstars! Help Us Stevie, Kid, Aretha, Eminem ...

1/21/2016 12:50 AM PST

Mayor Karen Weaver is rolling out a welcome mat for celebs to join water relief efforts in Flint, Michigan -- and her wish list sounds like a Hall of Fame roster! 

When we got the Flint mayor in Washington, D.C. -- where she met with Prez Obama -- she was quick to thank Meek Mill for lending a hand with the water crisis. 

As we previously reported, Meek and several others ... including Cher and the "Hardcore Pawn" guys are pitching in with donations.

But Mayor Weaver's still holding out for some native Michiganders to step up -- like, the most famous ones possible. Check out her dream team.

As 5 Motowners once put it, the mayor "ain't too proud to beg ..."