Jax Taylor Mai Tai Defense Prevails In Felony Sunglasses Theft

2/18/2016 6:59 AM PST

0218-jax-taylor-hawaii-wednesday_TMZ-01"Vanderpump Rules" star Jax Taylor wormed his way out of possible prison time by telling the judge his transgressions were triggered by liquor. 

Jax copped a plea Wednesday in Honolulu ... the place he was caught on tape back in July stealing sunglasses. Jax's expensive taste -- he heisted a pricey pair of Polaris' -- got him a felony charge.

He admitted to the judge it was a bonehead move and confessed, "I had too many drinks, too many mai tais."

He got no jail time, but he'll be on probation for the next year. If he keeps his nose clean the conviction will be erased from his record.

BTW ... the pic was taken the same day Jax copped a plea. He's drinking a daiquiri.