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Alvin Kamara

Alvin Kamara Shoots Down Future R&B Career, I Play Football!

Alvin Kamara
Shoots Down Future R&B Career ... I Play Football!

Sorry, ladies ... Alvin Kamara's smooth vocals won't be hitting the radio waves anytime soon -- 'cause the Saints RB says he has NO plans to pursue an R&B career despite his dope voice!!… READ MORE >

Alvin Kamara Serenades Bar Full Of Girls With R. Kelly Song After Saints Win

Alvin Kamara
Serenades Bar With R. Kelly Song ... After Saints Win

Alvin Kamara was singing -- and the girls were swooning ... 'cause after the Saints beat the Bucs on Sunday, A.K. hit up a restaurant party and SLAAAYYYYED some R. Kelly!! It all went down at… READ MORE >

- 9 days ago
Curren$y Gives Alvin Kamara Diamond Rolex For Being Saints' Beast

Diamond Rolex For Alvin Kamara ... 'Cause He's A Beast!

Curren$y just got his favorite player the best "thanks for helping my team win" gift ever ... a blinged-out Rolex watch!!! Alvin Kamara's been KILLIN' it this season -- scoring 12 touchdowns in 9… READ MORE >

- 42 days ago
Alvin Kamara Wears Kaepernick Jersey, 'Make Africa Home Again' Hat After 'MNF'

Alvin Kamara
Rocks Kaepernick Jersey After 'MNF' 'Make Africa Home Again'

Alvin Kamara is using his wardrobe to show he's standing with Colin Kaepernick ... rocking the QB's old jersey and a hat parodying Trump's MAGA slogan after a huge "Monday Night… READ MORE >

- 71 days ago
WNBA's Diamond DeShields Trolled By Teammate During Interview, 'Is Your Rash Okay?'

WNBA's Diamond DeShields
Trolled By Teammate ... 'Is Your Rash Okay?'

WNBA star Diamond DeShields took an immediate L courtesy of her teammate after getting a huge win Wednesday ... and the video of it is hilarious. After the Chicago Sky beat the Phoenix Mercury,… READ MORE >

- 146 days ago
Alvin Kamara Says Le'Veon Bell Paving Way for RBs to Get Paid

Alvin Kamara
Le'Veon Bell Is Gonna Make Me Rich

Alvin Kamara is pretty sure Le'Veon Bell is about to make his wallet a whole lot fatter ... 'cause the Saints star says Bell's big contract demands are going to revolutionize how RBs are… READ MORE >

- 150 days ago
Rich Eisen Reveals Ultimate Fantasy Football Sleeper, 'This Year's Alvin Kamara'

Rich Eisen
Reveals Fantasy Football Sleeper 'This Year's Alvin Kamara'

Listen up, Rich Eisen's about to make you a LOT of money in your fantasy football league this season. The NFL Network host and football czar told TMZ Sports outside of Craig's this week how to… READ MORE >

- 157 days ago
Saints Star Alvin Kamara Covers Both Legs In Big-Ass Tattoos

Saints Star Alvin Kamara
Big-Ass Tattoos Covering Both Legs Now!!

NFL defenders will at least have something nice to look at as Alvin Kamara runs by them next season ... 'cause the Saints star just finished up his second leg sleeve -- and it's sick. AK had his… READ MORE >

- 179 days ago
Alvin Kamara Trains Insane, Pulls Weights, Weight Rack, AND TRUCK

NFL's Alvin Kamara
Pulls Weights, Weight Rack & Truck!! ... Insane Training!!!

Unless you bench press live African elephants, New Orleans Saints star Alvin Kamara is about to make your workout look like trash with his RIDICULOUS, new training session!  Kamara is down… READ MORE >

- 287 days ago
Saints' Alvin Kamara: We Don't Hate Marcus Williams & Yes, I Look Like Lil Uzi Vert

Saints' Alvin Kamara
No, We Don't Hate Marcus Williams Yes, I Look Like Lil Uzi Vert

Saints' record-breaking rookie Alvin Kamara says the team is already over Marcus Williams' historic missed tackle against the Vikings ... telling TMZ Sports the team is 100% behind their guy.… READ MORE >

- 322 days ago
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