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Brendon Urie

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Singer for the band "Panic at the Disco" with members Ryan Ross, Jon Walker and Spencer Smith. Focused on the band after finishing high school. His family are practicing Mormons, but Brendon decided that he did not follow the same beliefs, which created some tension. He even thought about attending college in Arizona, but the rest of the band convinced him to stay. The band was signed by Fall Out boy bassist Pete Wentz to his label Decaydance and their first album "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" was released in September 2005.Brendon was born in Summerlin, Nevada. His maternal grandmother, who was from Hawaii, was of Portuguese, Native Hawaiian, and English descent; Brendon's other ancestry is English, Scottish, Irish, German, Welsh, and Danish.  See full bio on IMDb »

Panic! at the Disco Lead Singer Brendon Urie -- My Roommate Robbed Me Blind

Panic! at the Disco Lead Singer
My Roommate Robbed Me Blind

The lead singer of the rock group Panic! at the Disco is a little slow on the uptake -- finally realizing after years his former roommate has been bleeding his bank account dry with unauthorized… READ MORE >

Panic! at the Disco Singer Breaks Ankle On Stage!!

Panic! at the Disco Singer Breaks Ankle On Stage!!

This is GNARLY.  **WARNING -- THIS VIDEO CONTAINS IMAGES OF A VERY BROKEN ANKLE. ** Panic! At The Disco front man Brendon Urie broke the holy hell out of his left ankle during a concert in… READ MORE >

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