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Charles Manson

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Charles Manson is one of the most notorious convicted murderers in American history, though ironically, there is no evidence that he ever killed anyone himself. In 1971, Los Angeles prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi used his "Helter Skelter" theory to successfully convict Manson and several of his female compatriots of seven murders: the Tate-LaBianca killings that shocked America and the world (the victims included heavily-pregnant movie star Sharon Tate). Manson was subsequently convicted of two other murders: Donald "Shorty" Shea, a hand at the Spahn Ranch where Manson and his cronies and female groupies congregated, who Charlie may have believed snitched on him to the police after the Tate-LaBianca murders; and the earlier murder of music teacher and small-time drug dealer Gary Hinman by Bobby Beausoleil. Although Manson never did any of the actual killing, under the rules of accomplice liability, he was deemed as responsible for the killings as the actual perpetrators who caused the deaths of the nine people. Condemned to death upon conviction, his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment by the State of California after a 1972 Supreme Court decision struck down extant death penalties in the various states. It is highly unlikely that Manson will ever be paroled.  See full bio on IMDb »

Manson Family Killer Denied Parole for At Least 5 Years

Manson Family Killer
Denied Parole Try Again in 5 Years

Charles Manson family killer Patricia Krenwinkel had no luck on her 14th attempt at freedom ... she's been denied parole. The Commissioners from the Board of Parole Hearings met Thursday… READ MORE >

Manson Family Killer Says Secret Recordings Prove Charles Was in Control

Manson Family Killer
Demands Release of Secret Tapes That Could Set Her Free

Charles Manson Family killer Leslie Van Houten is calling out prosecutors for sitting on a recording she believes would secure her release at her next parole hearing. Van Houten's… READ MORE >

- 53 days ago
Leslie Van Houten's Plea for Freedom, 'Mature' and Out of Charles Manson's Control

Manson Family Killer
Let Me Out! I'm Mature, Not Brainwashed

Leslie Van Houten deserves parole from her life sentence because she was too immature to understand her savage actions in the Manson family killing spree ... according to new legal docs.… READ MORE >

- 88 days ago
Manson Killer: It Was Never A 'Family' … That’s Fake News!

Manson Killer
It Was Never a 'Family' That's Fake News!

Charles Manson murderer Bobby Beausoleil is jumping on the Trump bandwagon, calling BS on the media calling Manson's group a "family." Beausoleil wrote a letter expressing his disdain for… READ MORE >

- 101 days ago
Manson Murders Bed Frame Up For Auction (PHOTOS)

Charles Manson
Manson Murders Bed Up For Auction

A bed frame from Sharon Tate's home -- where one of Charles Manson's famous victims slept almost 50 years ago -- is up for auction ... if you're into that sorta thing. The wooden… READ MORE >

- 166 days ago
Charles Manson Back in Prison and in 'Bad Shape'

Charles Manson
In 'Bad Shape' Back in Prison

Charles Manson is back in Corcoran State Prison, and we're told he might not survive his health crisis. TMZ broke the story ... Manson was taken to a Bakersfield hospital a week ago for… READ MORE >

- 167 days ago
Charles Manson Is Healthy Enough For Operation

Charles Manson
Healthy Enough to Go Under the Knife

Charles Manson is finally strong enough to undergo a surgery that will repair a lesion in his intestines that has caused significant bleeding ... TMZ has learned. TMZ broke the story ... Manson… READ MORE >

- 169 days ago
Charles Manson's Grandson Blocked From Visiting Hospital (VIDEO)

Charles Manson
Grandson Blocked From Visiting Hospital

Charles Manson's grandson wants a face-to-face with his infamous grandfather while he's hospitalized ... and is worried he may never get to tell the murderer he loves him. Jason Freeman --… READ MORE >

- 169 days ago
Charles Manson Too Risky for Surgery

Charles Manson
Too Risky for Surgery

Charles Manson was supposed to have surgery Thursday night for intestinal bleeding, but doctors determined he was too weak and the procedure too risky ... TMZ has learned. Sources familiar with… READ MORE >

- 170 days ago
Sharon Tate's Sister Says She Was Told Charles Manson Would Die Years Ago (VIDEO)

Charles Manson
Sharon Tate's Sister He Was Teetering On Death's Edge Years Ago

Sharon Tate's sister, Debra, says more than a decade ago prison officials told her Charles Manson was on the verge of dying. Tate says during a parole hearing while Gray Davis was Governor of… READ MORE >

- 172 days ago
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