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Cody Garbrandt

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Cody Garbrandt is an actor, known for UFC 207: Nunes vs. Rousey (2016), UFC 182: Jones vs. Cormier (2015) and Harry (2016).  See full bio on IMDb »

UFC's T.J. Dillashaw to Cody Garbrandt: Jean-Claude Van Damme Can't Help You!

T.J. Dillashaw
Hey, Cody Garbrandt ... Van Damme Can't Save You

T.J. Dillashaw says Cody Garbrandt can get as many lessons from Jean-Claude Van Damme as he wants ... 'cause not even "The Kickboxer" can make him the better fighter.  We told the T.J. --… READ MORE >

Urijah Faber Says Jean-Claude Would Be A Damme Good UFC Fighter

Urijah Faber
Jean-Claude Would Be A Damme Good UFC Fighter

You MMA fighters are lucky Jean-Claude Van Damme is busy as an international movie star ... 'cause UFC legend Urijah Faber says if he wasn't doing that, JCVD could be kicking ass in the octagon.… READ MORE >

- 28 days ago
Jean-Claude Van Damme Schools UFC Stars In Fighting Class

Jean-Claude Van Damme
Schools UFC Stars ... In Fighting Class

Jean-Claude Van Damme put his money where his mouth is ... when he showed up to one of the top MMA training centers in the world and led a kicking workshop in front of 2 UFC superstars!!! UFC… READ MORE >

- 30 days ago
Urijah Faber: I'd Definitely Consider Fighting T.J. Dillashaw

Urijah Faber:
I'd Definitely Consider Fighting T.J. Dillashaw

There's some truth to the rumors ... with UFC Hall of Famer Urijah Faber saying he'd consider coming out of retirement to fight T.J. Dillashaw -- but there are some serious caveats.  "First… READ MORE >

- 39 days ago
TJ Dillashaw: Cody Garbrandt Doesn't Deserve Rematch, Bring On Demetrious!

UFC's TJ Dillashaw:
Garbrandt Doesn't Deserve Rematch ... Bring On Demetrious!

T.J. Dillashaw says there's NO WAY Cody Garbrandt gets an immediate rematch after their war at UFC 217 -- saying "No Love" has to get in line ... behind Demetrious Johnson!  The UFC… READ MORE >

- 39 days ago
Kobe Bryant: 'I Love Everything About Conor McGregor, He's an Animal'

Kobe Bryant
Conor McGregor's An Animal ... Love That Guy!

G.O.A.T. recognize G.O.A.T.  Kobe Bryant just praised the hell out of Conor McGregor -- saying the UFC fighter is an absolute "animal" ... who's a "genius" in the octagon.  The Mamba… READ MORE >

- 42 days ago
Travis Barker Says Georges St-Pierre Is Boring & Hopes He Loses!

Travis Barker
Georges St-Pierre Is Boring ... I Hope He Loses!!!

If Georges St-Pierre beats Michael Bisping, it's gonna be a REALLY boring fight -- which is why rock legend Travis Barker is hoping The Count lights up GSP at UFC 217.  Here's the deal ...… READ MORE >

- 43 days ago
Cody Garbrandt Prepping Michael Jackson Dance Moves for Dillashaw Fight

UFC's Cody Garbrandt
Prepping Michael Jackson Moves ... For Dillashaw Fight

He pop and locked during his brawl with Dominick Cruz -- but now UFC champ Cody Garbrandt says he's upping his dance game for UFC 217 ... with some Michael Jackson moves!  To get straight to… READ MORE >

- 46 days ago
Cody Garbrandt Needs a Prostitute Emoji, Says UFC Rival T.J. Dillashaw

UFC's T.J. Dillashaw
Cody Garbrandt Needs a Ho Emoji ... Urijah Faber's His Pimp!

T.J. Dillashaw is firing back at Cody Garbrandt for all the snake emojis he's hit him with ... saying his UFC rival should have a prostitute emoji 'cause Urijah Faber's his pimp!! "Urijah's more… READ MORE >

- 47 days ago
UFC's Cody Garbrandt Gets Pranked on Gender Reveal, 'We're Having a White Kid!'

UFC's Cody Garbrandt
Gender Reveal Prank: It's a ... White Kid?

Baby boy? Baby girl? Nah ... UFC superstar Cody Garbrandt is having A WHITE KID! Cody and his model wife, Danny Pimsanguan, were pretty confused at their gender reveal party ... when… READ MORE >

- 70 days ago
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