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Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor was born on July 14, 1988 and is a mixed martial artist from Dublin, Ireland. He competes in the UFC. There is chatter that Floyd Mayweather may come out of retirement to take on McGregor in the boxing ring. McGregor is a soon-to-be dad to a baby boy with girlfriend Dee Devlin.

Kimbo Slice's Son Says Conor McGregor Should Get a Pass for Ref Incident

Conor McGregor
He's a Boss, Don't Punish Him ... Says Kimbo Slice's Son

All the Conor McGregor haters can take a seat ... 'cause Conor was just being a boss when he WENT OFF inside the cage last week -- so says Kimbo Slice's son. "Baby Slice" fought at the… READ MORE >

Floyd Mayweather Balls Out in L.A., But There's One Thing He Won't Discuss ...

Floyd Mayweather
Balls Out in L.A. But, There's One Thing He Won't Discuss ...

Floyd Mayweather was in attention-seeking mode Tuesday night -- taking his head-turning Rolls-Royce to the most paparazzi-packed restaurant in town ... while wearing a bright pink hat.  So,… READ MORE >

- 6 days ago
Conor McGregor: Sorry For Losing It In Dublin, But The Ref Sucks

Conor McGregor
Sorry For Losing It In Dublin ... But the Ref Sucks

Conor McGregor is apologizing for storming the cage and getting violent with MMA officials during Bellator 187 in Dublin last week ... but he's still trashing the referee.  "I sincerely… READ MORE >

- 7 days ago
Fighter KO'd During Conor McGregor Ref Incident Sounds Off

Conor McGregor Incident
KO'd Fighter Sounds Off ... 'You Can't F**kin' Do That!!!'

The guy who got KO'd in the cage right before Conor McGregor LOST HIS DAMN MIND feels pretty much how we all do about the situation ... "You can't f**kin' jump out of a crowd in a sporting… READ MORE >

- 8 days ago
Conor McGregor Tells Haters 'F**k Yous All' in Response to Ref Incident

Conor McGregor
'F**k Yous All' ... Responds to Ref Incident

Conor McGregor is explaining why he "lost it" at an MMA fight in Dublin on Friday -- saying the ref had no business trying to throw him out of the cage. He also offered up a "f**k… READ MORE >

- 8 days ago
Conor McGregor Slaps MMA Official, Pushes Ref in Post-Fight Blowup

Conor McGregor
Slaps MMA Official, Pushes Ref In Crazy Post-Fight Scene

Conor McGregor just went NUCLEAR at an MMA event in Dublin ... slapping a regulatory official and pushing veteran UFC referee Marc Goddard for breaking up his post-fight… READ MORE >

- 11 days ago
Georges St-Pierre on Conor McGregor Fight: Don't Rule It Out!

GSP on McGregor Fight
Don't Rule It Out!!

Georges St-Pierre says a superfight vs. Conor McGregor is possible ... but not until after he fights Robert Whitaker. Fresh off his victory at UFC 217, GSP joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV… READ MORE >

- 12 days ago
UFC's Brittney Palmer: I Love Conor McGregor, 'Please Come Back!'

UFC's Brittney Palmer
'Please Come Back' Conor McGregor ... & Fight GSP!!

Conor McGregor's chances of fighting in the UFC this year just got exponentially higher ... 'cause is he really gonna let down a ridiculously attractive fan who wants him back inside the… READ MORE >

- 12 days ago
Dana White: Conor McGregor vs. GSP? 'Never Say Never'

Dana White:
Conor McGregor Vs. GSP? ... 'Never Say Never'

Another super fight for Conor McGregor??? Dana White says he won't rule out a throwdown with Georges St. Pierre.  Look, it ain't happening anytime soon ... White says he's got specific… READ MORE >

- 13 days ago
UFC Star Tyron Woodley Slams Conor McGregor for Gay Slur

UFC's Tyron Woodley
Slams McGregor for Gay Slur ... Don't Give Him a Pass!

UFC champ Tyron Woodley is taking Conor McGregor to task for using the homophobic F-word 3 times at a recent UFC event ... saying he's sick of everyone giving Conor a pass… READ MORE >

- 18 days ago
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