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D.L. Hughley

D.L. Hughley is an actor, comedian, and television and radio personality. He was born on March 6, 1963 in Los Angeles. Hughley married wife LaDonna in 1986. He was a telephone sales rep at the time making very little money. When she was pregnant with their second child, there was barely any food left in the house, so he began performing at comedy clubs for extra money. In 1998, he landed the sitcom “The Hughleys,” which aired for four seasons. The popularity of the show earned him a spot on the Kings of Comedy tour with Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, and Bernie Mac. Spike Lee turned this into a docu-film titled “The Original Kings of Comedy.” Hughley has also starred in comedy specials, talk shows, and radio shows. He competed on Season 16 of “Dancing With the Stars” with pro partner Cheryl Burke. He is the New York Times best selling author of “Black Man, White House: An Oral History of the Obama Years.” Hughley has openly admitted he has not always been faithful to his wife. The couple has three children, daughters Ryan and Tyler and son Kyle who has Asperger’s syndrome.

D.L. Hughley Not Giving President Trump Credit for Real Prison Reform

D.L. Hughley
Trump's Using Alice Johnson!!! No Real Prison Reform

D.L. Hughley isn't giving President Trump an ounce of credit for letting Alice Johnson out of prison, 'cause he says it amounts to nothing more than sleight of hand. We got the… READ MORE >

D.L. Hughley Says Colin Kaepernick Is More Hated Than O.J.

D.L. Hughley
Colin Kaepernick Is More Hated Than O.J.

D.L. Hughley says there's someone America hates MORE than O.J. Simpson, and that man is Colin Kaepernick ... who Hughley thinks is getting the major shaft from NFL owners, and the… READ MORE >

- 252 days ago
D.L. Hughley Says Americans Are More Dangerous Than Guns & ISIS

D.L. Hughley
Americans More Dangerous Than Guns & ISIS

The most dangerous thing to Americans isn't guns or ISIS ... it's your fellow Americans, according to D.L. Hughley. We got D.L. Monday morning following the Las Vegas massacre which killed… READ MORE >

- 266 days ago
D. L. Hughley Says Trump is A Lot Like the Kardashians When it Comes to Obama

D. L. Hughley
Trump is A Lot Like the Kardashians ... When It Comes to Obama

D. L. Hughley thinks it's a YUGE mistake on President Trump's part to kick out nearly 800k Dreamers on DACA ... and he's comparing him to the Kardashians for it. We got the comedian Tuesday at… READ MORE >

- 292 days ago
D.L. Hughley Predicts Winner in Second Civil War

D.L. Hughley
Predicts Winner in 2nd Civil War

D.L. Hughley is incredulous that Roger Stone is predicting civil war if Trump gets impeached ... because the Trumpians will lose just as hard as the South. We got D.L. in NYC Thursday and he… READ MORE >

- 304 days ago
D. L. Hughley: Trump's Late Rebuke of Neo-Nazis Fueled by Family History of Racism

D. L. Hughley
Trump was Late on Neo-Nazi Rebuke Fam Has History of Racism

D. L. Hughley's not surprised by Donald Trump's belated rebuke of white supremacists ... because he believes the Trumps have roots in racism. We got D. L. Monday at LAX and asked… READ MORE >

- 315 days ago
D. L. Hughley Destroys Kathy Griffin Haters, Where Was Your Outrage for Ted Nugent?! (VIDEO)

D.L. Hughley
Destroys Kathy Haters ... Where's Your Ted Nugent Outrage??

D.L. Hughley's strongly defending Kathy Griffin's beheading photo of President Trump -- saying all these haters were dead silent when Ted Nugent threatened President Obama. The comedian was… READ MORE >

- 388 days ago
George Lopez and D.L. Hughley Get Charlie Murphy Darkness Tribute Tattoos (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

George Lopez & D.L. Hughley
Get Charlie Murphy Tats DARKNESS!

Darkness lives on ... thanks to George Lopez and D.L. Hughley! The comedians decided to get permanent tributes to their late friend, Charlie Murphy, Thursday night -- rolling into Fun City… READ MORE >

- 430 days ago
Charlie Murphy's Life Celebrated by Famous Comedians (PHOTOS)

Charlie Murphy
Very Funny Friends Celebrate His Life 'Darkness Is Spreading ...'

Charlie Murphy was laid to rest in NYC and his memorial service looked like a comedy hall of fame. Dave Chappelle, D.L. Hughley, George Lopez, Eddie Griffin, Cedric the Entertainer, Donnell… READ MORE >

- 431 days ago
D.L. Hughley Nails Pepsi, Kendall Jenner's Dating Record Doesn't Make Her a Black Activist (VIDEO)

D.L. Hughley on Pepsi
Kendall As a Black Activist Is a Joke ... She Only BANGS Black!

Kendall Jenner's track record of dating black guys doesn't make her qualified to play the role of a social activist, and THAT's where Pepsi screwed up ... according to D.L. Hughley. We got D.L.… READ MORE >

- 441 days ago
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