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Dana White

Dana White is the President of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is just as confident in the octagon as he is in the boardroom. In partnership with Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, White purchased UFC in 2001. The trio made it their mission to raise the profile of mixed martial arts (MMA). White grew up in Boston and had a good job at a hotel there. He eventually ran a boxing gym in the inner-city and taught a boxaeroics class. White fled to Las Vegas after getting threatened by the Mob. He opened boxing gyms and began managing fighters, including Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. He and his wife, Anne, have three children – Dana, Aidan, and Savannah.

Floyd Mayweather Challenged By UFC Champ T.J. Dillashaw, 'Bring It!'

Floyd Mayweather
Challenged By UFC Champ 'Bring It!'

If Floyd Mayweather's serious about stepping inside the Octagon -- there's a UFC champion, not named Conor McGregor, who says he'll (respectfully) kick his ass! We spoke with T.J.… READ MORE >

Floyd Mayweather: I'm Not Gonna Fight UFC, But Ya Never Know

Floyd Mayweather
I'm Not Gonna Fight UFC ... But Ya Never Know

Here's Floyd Mayweather shooting down a potential UFC fight ... while at the same time leaving the door open.  Yeah, we know ... it's confusing -- but the takeaway is that Floyd wants… READ MORE >

- 31 days ago
Floyd Mayweather In Talks for UFC Fight, Dana White Says

Floyd Mayweather
In Talks for UFC Fight ... Dana White Says

The UFC is talking to Floyd Mayweather about a REAL fight in the octagon ... with Dana White saying it's a "realistic possibility." "We're talking to Floyd about doing a UFC deal," White told… READ MORE >

- 32 days ago
UFC Star Francis Ngannou: I Hit So Hard, Ain't A Human Alive I Can't KO

UFC's Francis Ngannou
I Hit So Hard Ain't A Human I Can't KO

Francis Ngannou -- the man Dana White says is the next UFC superstar -- tells TMZ Sports he hits so freakin' hard there literally ain't a human being alive who could eat his punch. We got Ngannou… READ MORE >

- 51 days ago
Georges St-Pierre on Conor McGregor Fight: Don't Rule It Out!

GSP on McGregor Fight
Don't Rule It Out!!

Georges St-Pierre says a superfight vs. Conor McGregor is possible ... but not until after he fights Robert Whitaker. Fresh off his victory at UFC 217, GSP joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV… READ MORE >

- 72 days ago
Greg Hardy to Dana White: Keep Watching Me, I'll Prove I'm UFC Ready

Greg Hardy
Keep Watching Me, Dana White ... I'll Prove I'm UFC Ready

Greg Hardy's got a message for Dana White on the heels of his 32-second KO debut -- "keep an eye on me" ... "'cause you're gonna want me in the UFC eventually." "I'm here to prove whatever I need… READ MORE >

- 73 days ago
Dana White: Conor McGregor vs. GSP? 'Never Say Never'

Dana White:
Conor McGregor Vs. GSP? ... 'Never Say Never'

Another super fight for Conor McGregor??? Dana White says he won't rule out a throwdown with Georges St. Pierre.  Look, it ain't happening anytime soon ... White says he's got specific… READ MORE >

- 74 days ago
TJ Dillashaw: Cody Garbrandt Doesn't Deserve Rematch, Bring On Demetrious!

UFC's TJ Dillashaw:
Garbrandt Doesn't Deserve Rematch ... Bring On Demetrious!

T.J. Dillashaw says there's NO WAY Cody Garbrandt gets an immediate rematch after their war at UFC 217 -- saying "No Love" has to get in line ... behind Demetrious Johnson!  The UFC… READ MORE >

- 75 days ago
Dana White on Greg Hardy In UFC: 'Maybe'

Dana White
On Greg Hardy In UFC: 'Maybe'

UFC honcho Dana White ain't exactly slamming the door shut on Greg Hardy -- telling TMZ Sports there IS a chance the ex-NFL star could fight in the octagon one day ... despite his issues in the… READ MORE >

- 78 days ago
Kobe Bryant: 'I Love Everything About Conor McGregor, He's an Animal'

Kobe Bryant
Conor McGregor's An Animal ... Love That Guy!

G.O.A.T. recognize G.O.A.T.  Kobe Bryant just praised the hell out of Conor McGregor -- saying the UFC fighter is an absolute "animal" ... who's a "genius" in the octagon.  The Mamba… READ MORE >

- 79 days ago
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