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Oscar De La Hoya Says His Life Was Threatened After Last Canelo Fight

Oscar De La Hoya
Death Threats After 1st Canelo/GGG ... People Thought I Fixed it

Oscar De La Hoya says some people were so PISSED at him after the first Canelo/GGG fight ended in a draw that they THREATENED HIS LIFE because they thought ODLH rigged the outcome. The… READ MORE >

Canelo Alvarez Suspended 6 Months for Failed PED Test

Canelo Alvarez
Suspended 6 Months for PED's

Canelo Alvarez just got slapped with a 6-month suspension for his failed performance enhancing drug test that he blamed on tainted meat ... the Nevada Athletic Commission just announced at a… READ MORE >

- 237 days ago
Canelo Alvarez vs. GGG Rematch Officially Canceled, Canelo Still Blaming Beef

Canelo vs. GGG Rematch
Officially Scrapped Canelo Still Blaming Beef

The Canelo Alvarez vs. GGG rematch has gotten the axe -- with Canelo formally announcing he's withdrawing from the fight at an L.A. news conference in the wake of a positive PED… READ MORE >

- 252 days ago
Bob Arum: Suspend Canelo Alvarez Long-Term If He's Found Guilty of Juicing

Bob Arum
Suspend Canelo Long-Term ... If He's Guilty of Juicing

Bob Arum says Canelo Alvarez should go away for a long time if he's taking steroids to get an edge on GGG ... but the top boxing promoter ain't gonna throw the book at him just yet.… READ MORE >

- 260 days ago
Canelo Alvarez Claps Back at 'Little Bitch' GGG for Calling Him a Steroid Cheat

Canelo Alvarez
Claps Back at 'Little Bitch' GGG ... After Steroids Accusation

Canelo Alvarez is pissed GGG publicly blasted him as a longtime steroids user -- and the Mexican boxing star is firing back with some good ol' fashioned American trash talk. "I'm gonna kick your… READ MORE >

- 264 days ago
Canelo Alvarez Gets Steroid-Free Meat Offer From San Diego Butcher

S.D. Butchers To Canelo:
We Got Big Meat For You With No Steroids!

Canelo Alvarez's meat problems could be over -- a San Diego butcher shop is vowing to provide free, CLEAN meat to the middleweight champ for the rest of his training camp. Alvarez recently tested… READ MORE >

- 269 days ago
Oscar De La Hoya Changes Tune on Floyd, 'Can Do Well' in UFC

Oscar De La Hoya
I Changed My Mind ... Floyd Wouldn't Get Wrecked in UFC

Just a month ago, Oscar De La Hoya told us Floyd Mayweather would get strangled unconscious in 10 SECONDS in a UFC fight. But now, Oscar's pullin' a 180 -- telling us he truly… READ MORE >

- 281 days ago
Canelo Alvarez: I'd Never Consider MMA Like Floyd Mayweather, 'I Respect Boxing'

Canelo Alvarez
I'd Never Consider MMA Like Floyd ... 'I Respect Boxing'

Canelo Alvarez says he wouldn't be caught dead in an MMA cage 'cause he's got too much love and respect for boxing ... unlike Floyd Mayweather. With all the buzz about Floyd possibly taking a UFC… READ MORE >

- 287 days ago
Oscar De La Hoya Says GGG vs. Canelo Rematch is Happening, Likely on Cinco de Mayo

Oscar De La Hoya
GGG vs. Canelo 2 is Definitely On 'It's Gonna be Huge!!!'

Oscar De La Hoya is putting concerns there won't be a GGG vs. Canelo Alvarez rematch to bed ... he says it's happening -- most likely on Cinco de Mayo -- and it's going to be the biggest thing in… READ MORE >

- 387 days ago
Michael Buffer: Canelo vs GGG Great for Hookers, Terrible for Judging

Michael Buffer
Judges Sucked, But Hookers Killed It ... for Canelo vs GGG

Canelo vs. GGG was great for literally everyone (especially hookers) ... except the judges who doo-doo'd on boxing's big night -- so says the man who introduced the fighters. We… READ MORE >

- 444 days ago
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