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Kate Moss

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One of the more controversial supermodels, primarily because of her unusually low weight during the early part of her career. (she typified the "waif" models). Her unusual appearance (and possibly her willingness to appear nude, "It's just work") have, in a very short time, made her almost as widely recognized as Cindy Crawford.  See full bio on IMDb »

Thank You for Flying Supermodel Airways

Thank You
For Flying Supermodel Airways

Supermodels of yore, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Eva Herzigova, reunited to walk the runway -- at LAX! The fashionable threesome all arrived on the same flight from London on Thursday, and were… READ MORE >

Pete and Kate -- The Rebounders

Pete and Kate
The Rebounders

Now that their tumultuous love affair is officially kaput, both train wreck rocker Pete Doherty and his longtime model girlfriend, Kate Moss, have moved on. Doherty is said to be shacking up with… READ MORE >

- 3869 days ago
No Drugs or Guitar for You, Pete Doherty!

No Drugs or Guitar for You,
Pete Doherty!

Shambolic Babyshambles rocker/Kate Moss ex Pete Doherty says he's been sober for seven weeks -- that's seven years in Doherty time -- and he credits staying away from rock and roll and getting… READ MORE >

- 3873 days ago
Kate Moss Slums it Up

Kate Moss
Slums it Up

Is that a supermodel or a nerdy ninny? Bad man magnet Kate Moss looked downright dowdy as she hung out with friends in St. John Woods, London, yesterday.Great Kate's unwashed, pulled back hair,… READ MORE >

- 3880 days ago
A Rolling Courtney Gathers Kate Moss, Gently

A Rolling Courtney
Gathers Kate Moss, Gently

Alert the fashion police! Hell, alert the real police! Two forces of wreckaliciousness are headed straight for one another -- and the outcome can only be ... This utter tameness? A tsunami of… READ MORE >

- 3893 days ago
Kate Moss: To Eat or Not To Eat?!

Kate Moss
To Eat or Not To Eat?!

Every day, supermodels around the world are faced with the harrowing decision -- whether or not to ingest food! And Kate Moss is no exception! The waif wonder stopped by a London deli to pickup… READ MORE >

- 3895 days ago
Kate Moss Rolls Home

Kate Moss
Rolls Home

Catwalktastrophic! Superwrecked looking supermodel Kate Moss arrived at the London home of a friend -- at 3:30 AM -- in this satin, Elizabethan-sleeved gift-wrapped prom mess. Careful, she'll… READ MORE >

- 3897 days ago
Kate Moss: Hippie Chick

Kate Moss
Hippie Chick

While exiting her London home on Wednesday, supermodel Kate Moss was dressed ready for the runways -- of Woodstock! Kumbaya!Fashionably decked out in flared jeans, flip flops, bangle jewelry and… READ MORE >

- 3903 days ago
The Skinny on Kate Moss' Weight Loss

The Skinny
On Kate Moss' Weight Loss

You can never be too thin or too rich -- unless you're Kate Moss. The waifish wayfarer, who made strung-out too-thin heroin chic oh-so-cool in the mid '90s, isn't looking so hot ten years on, say… READ MORE >

- 3921 days ago
Doherty Dragged Back to Rehab

Dragged Back to Rehab

Rambling rocker Pete Doherty shambled back to rehab on Thursday after a drama-filled week that involved a run-in with a photographer and another drug-related arrest. Babyshambles frontwreck… READ MORE >

- 3922 days ago
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