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Katt Williams

Comedian, rapper, and actor Katt Williams was born Micah Sierra Williams on September 2, 1971 in Cincinnati, Ohio and grew up in Dayton. He became emancipated as a young teenager and relocated to Florida. Williams worked as a door-to-door salesman and began performing stand-up comedy. He’s appeared in such TV shows as ““NYPD Blue,” “The Tracy Morgan Show,” “My Wife and Kids,” and “Wild n’ Out’” and the films “Friday After Next” and “Father Figures.”

He was arrested multiple times between 2014-2016 for allegedly assaulting a woman, fighting with a teenager, punching a store clerk, throwing a salt shaker at a Waffle House employee, and threatening his bodyguard. He pled no contest, received three years probation, and was ordered to attend 54 weeks of anger management for felony robbery charges after being accused of stealing a paparazzo’s camera with Suge Knight. Another felony assault with a deadly weapon case was dismissed in which he was accused of drawing a gun on a man who was attempting to film him after a performance in West Hollywood.

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Katt Williams Assault with a Deadly Weapon Case Dismissed in Plea Deal

Katt Williams
Assault with a Deadly Weapon Case Dismissed

Katt Williams just got a big break -- the result of a plea deal -- his felony assault with a deadly weapon case has been dismissed. Katt's lawyer, Shawn Holley, was in court Tuesday when the judge… READ MORE >

- 451 days ago
Katt Williams Strikes Plea Deal in Paparazzi Robbery Case

Katt Williams
Strikes Plea Deal In Paparazzi Robbery

Katt Williams is dodging jail time for the alleged robbery of paparazzo in Bev Hills by copping a plea. The oft-arrested comedian plead no contest Monday to felony 2nd degree robbery in the case… READ MORE >

- 459 days ago
Katt Williams Sued by Woman Claiming He Was a Cheap, Violent Boss

Katt Williams Sued
You're Cheap and You Punched Me!!!

Katt Williams was a violent, cheap boss who once held her captive in a hotel room ... so claims a former assistant and she's now suing him. Yadira Torres says she's the woman the… READ MORE >

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Katt Williams Ordered to Pay $86k for Bailing on Assault Lawsuit

Katt Williams
Bailed on Assault Lawsuit ... Ordered to Pay $86k

Katt Williams' silence is golden for the brain surgery patient who sued him ... in fact, $86,000 worth of gold! A Georgia judge just ordered the comedian to fork over that dough to Paul Love, who… READ MORE >

- 499 days ago
Katt Williams Sentenced to 3 Years Probation

Katt Williams
Booked for the Next 36 Months ... On Probation

Stop us if this sounds familiar ... Katt Williams was sentenced to 36 months probation. The comedian pled no contest to assault and battery charges for allegedly punching a woman in a Studio… READ MORE >

- 569 days ago
Katt Williams' Alleged Ex-Domestic Partner Wants Annulment

Katt Williams
Alleged Ex Files for Annulment

A woman claiming to be Katt Williams' ex now wants a judge to 86 all record of what she considers a legal union, but Katt insists there's nothing to wipe clean. Eboni Gray filed to… READ MORE >

- 585 days ago
Katt Williams -- Gets 5 Years Probation ... In Gun and Drug Bust

Katt Williams
Gets 5 Years Probation In Gun and Drug Bust

Katt Williams avoided jail time in a gun and drug case that started with an alleged baseball bat beatdown ... getting years of probation instead. Katt pled no contest Thursday in Hall County, GA… READ MORE >

- 595 days ago
Katt Williams -- Busted Again .... While Making Good On Another Case (MUG SHOT)

Katt Williams
Busted Again ... While Making Good On Another Case

12:40 PM PST -- We've learned the new warrant Katt was arrested for was from an incident in February where Williams allegedly threw a man's phone. Katt has been released from jail on a promise to… READ MORE >

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Katt Williams Lawsuit -- Wait A Minute ... I Already Paid That One!!

Katt Williams Lawsuit
Wait a Minute ... I Already Paid You!!

Katt Williams is the victim of a serious double-dipper -- that's his reaction to a comedian suing him over an alleged beatdown, because he says he's already forked over a settlement. … READ MORE >

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