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Kurt Cobain

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Kurt Cobain was born on February 20 1967, in Aberdeen, Washington. Kurt and his family lived in Hoquiam for the first few months of his life then later moved back to Aberdeen, where he had a happy childhood until his parents divorced. The divorce left Kurt's outlook on the world forever scarred. He became withdrawn and anti-social. He was constantly placed with one relative to the next, living with friends, and at times even homeless. Kurt was not the most popular person in high school as he was in public school. In 1985 Kurt left Aberdeen for Olympia where he formed the band Nirvana in 1986. In 1989 Nirvana recorded their debut album Bleach under the independent label Sub-Pop records. Nirvana became very popular in Britain and by 1991 they signed a contract with Geffen. Their next album Nevermind became a 90s masterpiece and made Kurt's Nirvana one of the most successful bands in the world. Kurt became trampled upon with success and found the new lifestyle hard to bear. In February 1992 Kurt married Courtney Love, the woman who was already pregnant with his child, Frances Bean Cobain. Nirvana released their next album Incesticide later that year. The album appealed to many fans due to the liner notes, which expressed Kurt's open-mindedness. In September 1993 Nirvana released their next album, 'In Utero', which topped the charts. On March 4, 1994, Kurt was taken to hospital in a coma. It was officially stated as an accident but many believe it to have been an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Family and friends convinced Kurt to seek rehab. Kurt was said to have fled rehab after only a few days from a missing person's report filed by Courtney Love. On April 8th Kurt's body was found in his Seattle home. In his arms was a shotgun, which had been fired into his head. Near him laid a suicide note written in red ink. It was addressed to his wife Courtney Love and his daughter Frances Bean Cobain. Two days after Kurt's body was discovered people gathered in Seattle, they began setting fires, chanting profanities, and fighting with police officers. They also listened to a tape of Courtney reading sections of the suicide note left by Kurt. The last few words were "I love you, I love you".  See full bio on IMDb »

Cobain Fam: Love's Been Bad Parent 'For Years'

Cobain Fam: Love's Been Bad Parent 'For Years'

Kurt Cobain's family claims Courtney Love has been an unfit parent for years -- and the plan to take custody of Frances Bean Cobain has been years in the making. Charles Fradenburg -- Kurt… READ MORE >

Court to Courtney: Stay Away From Frances

Court to Courtney: Stay Away From Frances

Courtney Love has not only lost legal control over her daughter-- Frances Bean Cobain -- TMZ has learned a judge has now issued a restraining order, prohibiting Courtney from having any direct or… READ MORE >

- 2864 days ago
Love's Lawyer -- Kurt Would Never Sing Bon Jovi

Love's Lawyer -- Kurt Would Never Sing Bon Jovi

Team Courtney Love is finally expanding on why she's so pissed off at the makers of Guitar Hero -- and it seems her beef is over the songs that the digital version of her husband is forced to sing… READ MORE >

- 2961 days ago
Courtney Love -- Guitar Hero 'Raped' Kurt's Image

Courtney Love -- Guitar Hero 'Raped' Kurt's Image

Courtney Love is on the warpath -- threatening to "sue the s**t" out of the people behind Guitar Hero after she saw Kurt Cobain's image in the video game. Cobain's widow just unleashed a serious… READ MORE >

- 2961 days ago
Jared Leto: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Jared Leto:
Smells Like Teen Spirit

Here's actor/30 Seconds to Mars member Jared Leto at NY Fashion Week on Sunday (left) -- and late Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain back in 1993 (right).One of them made amazing music.We're just… READ MORE >

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Monroe? Einstein? How Are They Still Rich?

Monroe? Einstein? How Are They Still Rich?

Forbes has once again released its annual Top-Earning Dead Celebrities list, and while it's no surprise why most of the buried big shots made the list (Kurt Cobain, John Lennon and Elvis are all… READ MORE >

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Life After Death: Artists Top Charts From the Grave

Life After Death:
Artists Top Charts From the Grave

After being dead for three years, Johnny Cash has again topped the Billboard music charts -- for the first time in 37 years. Interestingly, TMZ did some digging and found out that The Man in… READ MORE >

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