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Matt Roloff

Matthew James Roloff (born October 7, 1961) is an actor, author, farmer and businessman, best known for participating with his family in the reality television program Little People, Big World seen on TLC. The show featured the Roloffs' daily life. Roloff has dwarfism, as does his wife Amy and one of their four children, Zachary. The Roloff family includes Matt, who was born with diastrophic dysplasia, his wife Amy, also a little person with achondroplasia, and four children: fraternal twins Jeremy and Zachary (born 1990), Molly (born 1993), and Jacob (born 1997). Zach, like his mother, has achondroplasia, while the other three children are average height. Matt and Amy met at a Little People of America convention in 1987. The couple were engaged very quickly and were married on September 12, 1987. Matt's parents, Ron and Peggy, were also featured Little People, Big World. They are of average height as is his older sister, Ruth. His younger brother Sam, an artist and founder of Back-Story Underpainting, has diastrophic dysplasia and uses crutches to walk as well. His middle brother Joshua was born with a severe heart malformation. Joshua died in 1999 at age 34. Matt appeared as an

'Little People, Big World' Divorce -- We Even Split the Family Photo Album

'Little People, Big World' Divorce
We Even Split The Family Photo Album

"Little People, Big World" stars Amy and Matt Roloff's divorce was a VERY even split ... right down to the family pics they collected over 27 years of marriage. The Roloffs' divorce was finalized… READ MORE >

'Little People, Big World' Kid -- I'm Getting Screwed Out of MY Cash

'Little People, Big World' Kid
I'm Getting Screwed ... Out of My Cash

"Little People, Big World" star Jacob Roloff is turning on the show ... or he's turning on his parents -- it's unclear -- but he's definitely pissed about money. Jacob posted a… READ MORE >

- 575 days ago
Amy & Matt Roloff -- Little People, Big Divorce

Amy & Matt Roloff
Little People ... Big Divorce

Divorce is no small matter ... even for reality TV stars Amy and Matt Roloff, who are pulling the plug on their 27 year marriage. The "Little People, Big World" couple announced they were… READ MORE >

- 663 days ago
Matt Roloff -- 'Little' Dating Site Wants to Hook Him Up

Matt Roloff
'Little' Dating Site Wants to Hook Him Up

Things are looking up for newly separated Matt Roloff ... a dating company catering to little people wants to plaster his adorable face on its website and in return help him score a fresh piece… READ MORE >

- 1113 days ago
'Little People, Big World' Stars Matt & Amy Roloff -- We've Separated

'Little People'
Big Split We've Separated

"Little People, Big World" couple Matt and Amy Roloff can't stand living together anymore -- they've just announced they're separating after 26 years of marriage.Sources close to the couple tell… READ MORE >

- 1114 days ago
TLC's 'Little' Stars -- Involved in Giant Cover-Up?

TLC's 'Little' Stars
Involved in Giant Cover-Up?

Is it possible TLC's legion of little stars -- including Matt Roloff -- are all members of a secret society that rivals the fabled Illuminati? Of course not. But we're gonna enjoy investigating!… READ MORE >

- 2078 days ago
'Little People' Star Matt Roloff -- I'm Not Dead!

'Little People' Star
I'm Not Dead!

Millions of reality fans were left wondering about the fate of "Little People, Big World" star Matt Roloff after Monday's season finale appeared to show him suffering a heart attack -- but TMZ has… READ MORE >

- 2478 days ago

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