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Post Malone

Post Malone Slams 'Culture Vulture' Critics at LIV's Pegasus World Cup Party

Post Malone
To My 'Culture Vulture' Critics Congrats, You're a Hater

Post Malone had a message for his critics who've accused of him of being a "culture vulture" in hip-hop ... which turned out to be a perfect segue into music. Post was one of tons of celebs who… READ MORE >

Post Malone Could Have a Career in Ghost Hunting, Says Zak Bagans

Post Malone
I'm a Natural-Born Ghost Hunter ... Just Ask Zak Bagans

Post Malone should consider hopping on the Travel Channel's payroll as a ghost hunter if he gets tired of music, 'cause he's got the gift ... so says Zak Bagans. The "Ghost Adventures" host tells… READ MORE >

- 42 days ago
Post Malone: NFL 'F'd Zeke Elliott Over,' But Cowboys Will Still Kick Ass!!

Post Malone
'NFL F'd Zeke Over' But the 'Boys Will Kick Ass!!

Post Malone says Ezekiel Elliott was totally shafted by the NFL's handling of his suspension ... but says it's all water under the bridge now, 'cause the Cowboys will still win the… READ MORE >

- 62 days ago
Post Malone's 'Stay Away' Face Tattoo Pissed Off Mom

Post Malone
Sorry Mom, But I Love My Tattoo!!!

Post Malone better start warming up his chops to spit Eminem's line, "I'm sorry Momma! I never meant to hurt you!" ... cause she's PISSED. We got Malone outside The Moxy Hotel in… READ MORE >

- 75 days ago
Post Malone Says He Doesn't Blame LeBron For Getting Ejected

Post Malone
I'm With LeBron ... Ejections Happen!!

Post Malone says LeBron James' first career ejection ain't a big deal ... matter of fact, he thinks it was a HUGE energy boost for his Cavs teammates!! White Iverson was leaving Mastro's in… READ MORE >

- 83 days ago
Post Malone Shows Off His Very Detailed Lil Peep Tattoo

Post Malone
Shows Off His Lil Peep Tattoo ... Image is Spot-On

Post Malone got some new ink last week to honor his late friend, Lil Peep, and flaunted it -- in all its amazing detail -- as he left Poppy in WeHo. We got Post Monday night and, as soon as… READ MORE >

- 84 days ago
Post Malone Says He Was Not Dissing Hip-Hop

Post Malone
I Wasn't Dissing Hip-Hop It Was the Beer Talkin'!!!

Post Malone says he'd been drinking a ton of beer when he said people shouldn't listen to hip-hop if they want to feel something. Post has taken a ration of crap for the comment he made during an… READ MORE >

- 89 days ago
Post Malone Has a Hard Time Smashing a Guitar While Performing 'Rockstar'

Post Malone
How to Be a Rockstar ... Multiple Attempts Required

Post Malone quickly realized technique is everything if you wanna be a guitar-smashing rock star -- but he was still able to live up to his own song title. Eventually. Post was doing a show… READ MORE >

- 125 days ago
Post Malone Calls Himself the Jack Black of Stage Diving

Post Malone
I'm the Jack Black Of Stage Diving ... Fans Let Him Down Hard!!!

A Post Malone fan hilariously apologized for not catching the rapper when he pulled off an awesome stage dive -- because the guy was too damn busy recording the dive with his phone. Post tweeted… READ MORE >

- 148 days ago
Post Malone Says Ezekiel Elliott 'Did Nothing Wrong,' Free Zeke!

Post Malone
Free Zeke! 'You Did Nothing Wrong'

Post Malone is exonerating Ezekiel Elliott with his suspension appeal ongoing -- saying the Dallas Cowboys RB "did NOTHING wrong" and shouldn't have to sit out. "Free Zeke -- you did… READ MORE >

- 172 days ago
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