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Prince George

Kate Middleton Introduces New Baby Boy to the World!

Kate Middleton & Prince William
It's a BOY!!! Makes First Public Appearance

9:57 AM PT -- Kate and the new bouncing royal have made their first public appearance together! Will was also there by her side for the big reveal on the steps of the hospital. Both mom and baby… READ MORE >

Prince William Delivers Prince George's Christmas List to Santa

Prince William
Listen Up, Santa ... Prince George Wants ONE Thing

Prince William's now reduced to running errands for the other future King of England, although it's a very important one -- delivering Prince George's Christmas list to Jolly Ol' St. Nick!… READ MORE >

- 171 days ago
Prince George, Woman Arrested for Trying to Break into His School

Prince George
Woman Arrested at His School

Prince George was in class at his brand new primary school when police say a woman in her 40s attempted to break into the building. The woman was arrested Tuesday on the grounds of Thomas's… READ MORE >

- 249 days ago
Prince George Goes to First Day of Kindergarten, Duchess Kate Too Sick to Attend

Prince George
Nice to Meet You, Miss ... I Run This Kindergarten Now

Prince George marched into his first day of kindergarten (they call it Primary School) Thursday like a boss -- or like a guy who's mingling with his subjects. Prince William held lil Geo's hand as… READ MORE >

- 255 days ago
Prince George -- When Pressed ... I'm Adorable (PHOTO)

Prince George
When Pressed ... I'm Adorable

Prince George got smushed as he left Canada ... in the super cutest of ways. Georgie was about to take flight as he and the fam left the country and pressed his nose against the plane window… READ MORE >

- 595 days ago
William and Kate -- Oh Canada ... Here we Are!!! (PHOTOS)

William and Kate
Oh Canada ... Here We Are!!!

William and Kate make a good family ... period. The brood -- with Charlotte in the air and George secured by mommy and daddy -- arrived at Victoria Airport to begin their Canadian tour. They were… READ MORE >

- 602 days ago
Prince George -- Cuteness Overload!! (PHOTO GALLERY)

Prince George
Cuteness Overload!!

Prince George looked rather fetching on his 3rd birthday. Prince William and Kate Middleton shared new pics of the little guy to mark Friday's occasion.  They grow up so fast ...  READ MORE >

- 667 days ago
Prince George -- Fit to Have a Fit .... (PHOTO GALLERY)

Prince George
Fit to Have a Fit

Prince George braved out the helicopter ride ... but then melted down. Prince William, Kate Middleton and the little guy visited The Royal International Air Tattoo in Fairford, England Friday ...… READ MORE >

- 681 days ago
President Obama Meets Prince George ... Let's Talk 1776, Kid! (PHOTO)

President Obama
Meets Prince George ... Let's Talk 1776, Kid

Two-year-old Prince George slipped into his most baller robe to press the flesh with President Obama. Typical state dinner ... but with sippy cups.  READ MORE >

- 758 days ago
Prince George & Kate Middleton -- Day At the Museum With Mummy (PHOTO)

Prince George
Day At the Museum ... With a Mummy!!

Kate Middleton and Prince George were like any other mom and son checking out giant dinosaur bones at a museum -- except for the whole he's the next King of England thing. The heir to the… READ MORE >

- 937 days ago
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