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Regis Philbin

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TV-talk show host, game-show host, singer, author, and TV personality, Regis Philbin became one of the most popular talk-show hosts in America and in Canada, especially. Growing up as an only child in The Bronx, New York, Philbin went to the University of Notre Dame and got a degree in sociology. Later, he would serve in the U.S. Navy and went through behind-the-scenes in radio and TV, before going into broadcasting. After moving to California, Philin got his own show on KGTV in San Diego called That Regis Philbin Show (1964). However, with no writing team, for budget reasons, this led him to begin the show that would become his hallmark, where he engages his audience in discussions about his life and events of the day. It was, then, that he got his first big break as Joey Bishop's sidekick on The Joey Bishop Show (1961). Bishop liked to tease Philbin. But the teasing stopped when Philbin walked off the stage on a live broadcast and stayed away for several days. Philbin later hosted A.M. Los Angeles (1970), a local TV talk show on KABC-TV. With his presence, he brought the show to Number One in Los Angeles. On the show, Sarah Purcell was his first co-host, followed by Cyndy Garvey. However, when Philbin moved to New York City, they both paired up on "The Morning Show". But due to low ratings, Garvey then left once again and Philbin was then joined by Kathie Lee Gifford on the show and the ratings improved and the show's name was changed to "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" (1988). Gifford left the show, which was called "Live with Regis" until a permanent replacement could be found. During the search, Philbin won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host, his first only Daytime award. When Kelly Ripa was chosen the same year, the show was later changed to "Live with Regis and Kelly". The pairing became successful. Besides being a successful TV host, Philbin was also a game show host on a short-lived game show called The Neighbors (1975), in which part of the game is that a contestant, usually a woman, would have to find out which one of her neighbors is gossiping about her. He then hosted Almost Anything Goes (1975). Despite both shows being failures, Philbin then hosted Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (1999), which became one of the most popular shows on TV before it was canceled in 2002 and came back with Meredith Vieira replacing Philbin. For his work on the show, he won his second Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Game Show Host. Philbin then signed a contract for "Millionaire's" spin-off: Who Wants to Be a Super Millionaire (2004). But this time, instead of one million dollars, it's 10 million. However, the show was canceled within four months. However, Philbin's game show career didn't end there. As of November 2005, Philbin hosted the revival of ABC's This Is Your Life (1952). As of May 2006, the show is in development. Also, Philbin hosted the first season of America's Got Talent (2006), with Piers Morgan, Brandy Norwood and David Hasselhoff as the judges. Besides being a TV personality, Philbin is also an author who has written two books: "I'm Only One Man!" and "Who Wants To Be Me?". He is also a singer, in the style of a crooner, such as Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin.  See full bio on IMDb »

Regis Philbin Says You Shoulda Seen Kelly Ripa in a Bikini 20 Years Ago

Regis Philbin
You Shoulda Seen Kelly in a Bikini 20 Years Ago!!!.

Regis Philbin is stickin' up for his former co-host Kelly Ripa ... sorta. We got Reege leaving La Scala in Bev Hills Friday and asked about Internet trolls who are baggin' on Kelly over a bikini… READ MORE >

Regis Philbin, I Forgot I Hosted 'AGT'!!! (VIDEO)

Regis Philbin
I Forgot I Hosted 'AGT'!!!

Regis Philbin has done A LOT of TV over the years, so we gotta cut him a break that he just forgot about one big gig. We got Rege at LAX Friday and asked about the Nick Cannon replacement… READ MORE >

- 497 days ago
Regis Philbin Says Trump's Doing Good, So Far (VIDEO)

Regis Philbin
Trump's Doing Good ... So Far

Regis Philbin broke from the Hollywood party line, giving Donald Trump high marks for being a do-something president. We got Rege leaving Craig's in WeHo Wednesday night and he gave Trump high… READ MORE >

- 535 days ago
Regis Philbin -- Crushed Over Notre Dame Punishment ... 'I'm Gonna Get Angry!' (VIDEO)

Regis Philbin
Crushed Over Notre Dame Punishment 'I'm Gonna Get Angry!'

Regis Philbin doesn't like when bad things happen to Notre Dame football.  So he REALLY didn't like when we broke the news to him about the NCAA vacating all of ND's wins from the 2012 and… READ MORE >

- 606 days ago
Regis Philbin -- Disney Screwed Kelly Ripa (VIDEO)

Regis Philbin
Disney Screwed Kelly Ripa

Regis Philbin still has Kelly Ripa's back ... he says his old co-host got the shaft in the whole Michael Strahan deal. Regis spoke to photogs in NYC and made it clear Kelly should've gotten a… READ MORE >

- 822 days ago
Notre Dame Football -- 'It's Been a Terrible Year' ... Says Regis Philbin

Notre Dame Football
'It's Been a Terrible Year' ... Says Regis Philbin

Regis Philbin is sad. And he's sad because Notre Dame sucked this season. The ND alum -- and legendary superfan -- was expressing his disappointment in the Fighting Irish outside of… READ MORE >

- 1308 days ago
John Mayer -- Prepare to be Mind Blown, Regis!

John Mayer
Prepare to be Mind Blown, Regis!

John Mayer is a big star.  Regis Philbin has met lots of big stars.  Regis A) doesn't recognize John and B) is genuinely star struck when Bob Saget clues him in.The singer… READ MORE >

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Regis Philbin -- Hitchhikes in New York City!!! [VIDEO]

Regis Philbin
Hitchhikes in New York City!!! [VIDEO]

No one taught Regis Philbin about stranger danger -- the iconic TV host hopped into a random van in New York City when he couldn't hail a cab … and it's all on video!It all went down… READ MORE >

- 1508 days ago
Regis Philbin -- Michael Strahan's the Black Me

Regis Philbin
Michael Strahan's The Black Me

Michael Strahan is doing a helluva job as the new Regis Philbin ... this according to the old Regis Philbin. The TV legend was leaving Madeo in West Hollywood last night when we asked what he… READ MORE >

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Regis Philbin -- Is He Team Strahan?

Regis Philbin
Is He Team Strahan?

They've finally picked someone to fill his chair next to Kelly Ripa, but the question is ... does Regis Philbin approve of Michael Strahan? It hasn't been officially announced yet, but as TMZ… READ MORE >

- 2148 days ago
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