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Sarah Palin

Politician and media personality Sarah Palin was born on February 11, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho and moved to Alaska when she was only three months old. She graduated from Wasilla High School, where she played basketball, and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in communications and journalism at University of Idaho in 1987. She became a television sports reporter at a local NBC station, KTUU, in Anchorage. In 1984, Palin, under her maiden name Heath, competed in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant. She was first runner up and won Miss Congeniality. Palin became the first female and youngest governor of Alaska when she was sworn in to office on December 24, 2006. Although her term wasn’t due to end until 2010, she resigned in July 2009. She made history again as the first woman on the Republican ticket for president when Senator John McCain appointed her as his running mate for his 2008 campaign. Previously, she served two terms on the Wasilla City Council and two terms as Mayor of Wasilla. Palin was often parodied on “Saturday Night Live” by her celebrity doppelganger Tina Fey. In a famous skit, Fey impersonated Palin as saying, “I can see Russia from my house.” Her interview with Katie Couric in 2008 also went down in history as the VP candidate struggled to answer the journalist’s questions. After leaving politics behind, Palin returned to her broadcasting roots as a Fox News commentator from January 2010 until June 2015. She also landed a TLC show called “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” and Sportsman Channel show titled “Amazing America.” Her best selling book, “Going Rogue: Payback to McCain Campaign,” was published in 2009. Palin married husband Todd Palin in 1988 and they have five children together – Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Trig – and several grandchildren. Their youngest son, Trig, has Down syndrome.

Bristol Palin to Join 'Teen Mom OG' Cast

Bristol Palin
I'm the New 'Teen Mom' ... Joins Next Season's Cast

The folks who produce 'Teen Mom' know what sells ... because TMZ has learned Bristol Palin is joining "Teen Mom OG." Production sources tell us, Sarah Palin's daughter has signed on as a regular… READ MORE >

Congressman Matt Gaetz Explains Why Sacha Baron Cohen Didn't Dupe Him

Rep. Matt Gaetz
My Teleprompter Stance Saved Me From Sacha Baron Shame

Congressman Matt Gaetz didn't fall for Sacha Baron Cohen's trap to promote putting guns in the hands of toddlers, but admits he was clueless about who he was talking to. We got the Florida… READ MORE >

- 15 hours ago
Sarah Palin Compares Sacha Baron Cohen Duping Politicians to #MeToo

Sarah Palin
Even Men Are Pissed at Sacha's Pranks ... It's Like #MeToo!!!

Sarah Palin says politicians falling victim to Sacha Baron Cohen's pranks is kinda like the new #MeToo. Seriously.  Palin's still railing at Sacha for duping her -- pretending to be a… READ MORE >

- 7 days ago
Sacha Baron Cohen Fires Back at Sarah Palin and President Trump

Sacha Baron Cohen
I Didn't Tell Palin I'm a War Vet ... I Said Postal Veteran!!!

Sarah Palin is totally wrong about what happened when Sacha Baron Cohen interviewed her -- at least according to Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick ... the character Sacha was playing at the time. Cohen just… READ MORE >

- 8 days ago
Track Palin Allegedly Assaulted His Father, Sarah Palin Called Cops

Track Palin
Allegedly Assaulted His Dad ... Sarah Palin Called Cops

Sarah Palin's oldest son allegedly broke into his parents' house and beat his dad bloody until cops showed up and busted him ... TMZ has learned. According to an affidavit by the arresting… READ MORE >

- 214 days ago
Sarah Palin's Oldest Son, Track Palin, Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges

Sarah Palin
Oldest Son Arrested ... On Domestic Violence Charges

Sarah Palin's oldest son has been arrested again on charges of domestic violence ... the second time he's been busted in 2 years. Track Palin was reportedly arrested Saturday in Wasilla, Alaska… READ MORE >

- 215 days ago
Donald Trump Invites Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin to Oval Office (PHOTOS)

Donald Trump
C'mon In Kid, Ted and Sarah!!! Check Out My Digs

Donald Trump held a super-conservative celebrity summit Wednesday night, mugging with Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin. The pic was snapped in the Oval office during a dinner visit. The trio… READ MORE >

- 456 days ago
Sarah Palin Removes Kaepernick Article from Website ... 'Not Her Opinion'

Sarah Palin
Removes Kaepernick Article from Website ... 'Not Her Opinion'

Sarah Palin has removed an article from her website criticizing Colin Kaepernick's $50,000 donation to Meals on Wheels ... and we're told the post is NOT in line with the former governor's beliefs. READ MORE >

- 485 days ago
Sarah Palin Says Kaepernick's Meals On Wheels Donation Is Shameless 'Political Stunt'

Sarah Palin
Kaepernick's Meals On Wheels Donation Is Shameless 'Political Stunt'

Sarah Palin ain't impressed with Colin Kaepernick's $50,000 donation to Meals on Wheels ... labeling the move as a cheap "political stunt." The former Alaska governor just put her seal of… READ MORE >

- 485 days ago
Sarah Palin -- I'll Pound My Gavel Like the Best of 'Em

Sarah Palin
I'll Pound My Gavel Like the Best of 'Em

Sarah Palin ain't Judge Judy ... but the 2 will have exactly the same power when they pound the gavel. The production company for Palin's new show just moved to register "Palin Rules." Palin's… READ MORE >

- 782 days ago
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