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Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Says He Did Not Like the Porn Tweet, Staffer Who Did Won't Be Fired

Ted Cruz
I Did Not Like That Porn Tweet ... Staffer Who Did Won't be Fired

Ted Cruz is not gonna fire the dude on his staff who liked a porn video on Twitter. Cruz spoke to CNN's Dana Bash Wednesday, and the elephant in the room was addressed ... his official Twitter… READ MORE >

Ted Cruz In XXX Twitter Scandal, Official Account 'Likes' Hardcore Porn

Ted Cruz
XXX Twitter Scandal Official Account 'Likes' Hardcore Porn

Senator Ted Cruz is all about that hardcore threesome action -- at least, judging by his Twitter account which "liked" a very X-rated video late Monday night. But here's the rub ... Cruz's… READ MORE >

- 37 days ago
Ted Cruz Thinks James Harden Deserves Record $228 Million Contract Extension on One Condition

Ted Cruz
Harden's Worth $228M If We Get a Ring!

Ted Cruz thinks James Harden deserves every nickel of his historic $228 million contract extension with the Houston Rockets ... just as long as it pays off on the court. The Texas senator was in… READ MORE >

- 101 days ago
Demian Bichir Says El Chapo's Fortune Should NOT Build the Wall, Give to the People! (VIDEO)

Demian Bichir
Do NOT Spend Chapo's Loot on the Wall!! Here's a Better Idea ...

Demian Bichir says Senator Ted Cruz is outta his damn mind to propose El Chapo's billions fund President Trump's wall. When we got the Mexican-born actor at LAX Wednesday,… READ MORE >

- 175 days ago
Ted Cruz Introduces Bill to Use El Chapo's Drug Money to Pay for Border Wall (PHOTO)

Ted Cruz
El Chapo Should Pay For the Wall Let's Make it a Law!

Ted Cruz has the perfect solution on how to pay for Donald Trump's border wall ... pass a law to use El Chapo's billions and loot from other lords to underwrite construction. The Texas… READ MORE >

- 176 days ago
Ted Cruz Says White House Fence Jumpers is a Bi-Partisan Issue (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz
White House Fence Jumpers a Bi-Partisan Issue

Senator Ted Cruz says all the fence jumping and security breaches at the White House lately must come to an end ... but he says it's not a new phenomenon -- it happened with Obama, too. We got… READ MORE >

- 213 days ago
Ted Cruz -- Sorry Snoop, Trump Gun Video is Wrong (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz
Sorry, Snoop ... Trump Gun Video is Wrong

Ted Cruz is appalled by Snoop or anyone else pretending to assassinate a President of the United States, whoever it is, because of this country's rich, violent history. We got the Senator on… READ MORE >

- 218 days ago
Charlie Sheen Has No Beef With Ted Cruz Over Sheen/Cruz 2020 Diss (VIDEO)

Charlie Sheen
I Got No Beef With Ted Cruz Over Sheen/Cruz 2020 Diss

Charlie Sheen has no bad blood with Ted Cruz after the Texas Senator took a jab at him and his dad ... in fact, Charlie even has a few nice things to say about the guy. Charlie was heading… READ MORE >

- 282 days ago
Ted Cruz -- Boycott 'Rich Spoiled Athletes' ... Who Protest National Anthem

Ted Cruz
Boycott 'Rich Spoiled Athletes' Who Protest National Anthem

Senator Ted Cruz is furious with Colin Kaepernick and other "rich spoiled athletes" protesting the National Anthem ... and is now calling for Americans to boycott them.  Cruz spoke out on… READ MORE >

- 402 days ago
Ted Cruz -- Rips Obama ... Supporting Kaepernick Is Disrespectful (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz
Rips Obama ... Supporting Kaepernick Is Disrespectful

Ted Cruz railed on Colin Kaepernick and while he was at it BLASTED President Obama. We caught up with the senator at Reagan National Airport and asked him about Kaepernick's stand to kneel. Check… READ MORE >

- 407 days ago
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