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Tim Kennedy

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Timothy Kennedy was born as Timothy W. Kennedy. He is known for his work on Late Show with David Letterman (1993), Noel's House Party (1991) and 2005 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards (2005).  See full bio on IMDb »

UFC's Tim Kennedy Says Waterboarding Didn't Hurt, 'Not Real Torture'

UFC's Tim Kennedy
Waterboarding Didn't Hurt ... 'Not Real Torture'

Ex-UFC star Tim Kennedy said the reason he decided to get waterboarded was to show the world, "We're not a bunch of spineless cowards" ... and insists it didn't even hurt.  Kennedy -- a U.S.… READ MORE >

UFC's Tim Kennedy Waterboards Himself to Prove It's Not Torture

UFC's Tim Kennedy
Waterboards Himself 'It's Not Torture!!'

Ex-UFC star Tim Kennedy -- a U.S. Army Special Forces sniper -- doesn't believe waterboarding should be considered torture ... and to prove his point, he turned the hose on himself.  Yep,… READ MORE >

- 66 days ago
UFC's Tim Kennedy to 'Star Wars' Trolls: 'I Will F'ing Gut You' Over Spoilers

UFC's Tim Kennedy
Spoil 'Star Wars' ... And 'I Will F'ing Gut You'

"I will f**king gut you! I will make you bleed. Pain. Pain. A lot of pain." That's Tim Kennedy -- UFC and U.S. Army Special Forces vet -- telling all the internet trolls what he's gonna do to… READ MORE >

- 215 days ago
UFC's Tim Kennedy Re-Enlists In U.S. Army Special Forces ... Pumped for Trump! (VIDEO)

UFC's Tim Kennedy
Re-Enlists With Green Berets ... Pumped for Trump!

Ex-UFC fighter Tim Kennedy says he's reenlisted in the U.S. Army Special Forces -- and he's FIRED UP about it ... thanks to President Donald Trump.  37-year-old Kennedy has a 24-6 record as… READ MORE >

- 458 days ago
Steve-O -- I'm Down To Take On ISIS ... With My UFC Pal (VIDEO)

I'm Down To Take On ISIS ... With My UFC Pal

We're about to reach a whole new level of Steve-O craziness ... 'cause he's freakin' calling out ISIS ... and he's doing it in the name of UFC fighter Tim Kennedy. Kennedy's situation is no… READ MORE >

- 803 days ago
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