The Fat Trap

1/12/2006 4:57 PM PST

The Fat Trap

With so much emphasis on weight and looks in Hollywood, it's no wonder celebs will do anything to keep their rock hard bodies and ageless appearances in tact.  Some choose diet, exercise and supplements; others, well... you be the judge.

Celebs Who Balloon Between Projects

Stars in the public eye are microscopically picked apart. Every ounce of fat shows. When the director says "It's a wrap," it really means a big ol' sandwich is just around the corner.

Celebs Who Shrink

Thin is in, or so it is said in Hollywood. Take a look at some of the most drastic transformations from fat cat to zowie wowie.

Celebs Who Shrink Too Much

Knock them over with a feather -- literally. See the stars who took weight loss to an extreme level.

Eternally Ripped

We're loyal to our favorite stars through thick and thin, but a select few never go through the thick period. See the stars with hard bodies that just don't quit.