Then and Now -- Amazing Celebrity Transformations

3/31/2006 7:56 PM PST

Then and Now -- Amazing Celebrity Transformations

Do you remember what Jennifer Aniston looked like before 'Friends' hit the air? Do you think she looks better now? Do you remember Queen Latifah before she became a fashion icon?

Do you recall the pre-'Sex' Sarah Jessica Parker? And think back to when Sharon Stone was the original 'Basic' blonde.

Go back in time with four women, all of whom have movies currently showing our out soon.

Jennifer Aniston -- Then and Now

Jennifer Aniston couldn't exactly describe her upcoming sitcom 'Friends' back in '94.' Do you remember how she looked even before that famous 'do? And do you remember how she changed during the show, and how she really changed when she met Brad? Take a look at the star of 'Friends With Money' -- then and now.

Sarah Jessica Parker -- Then and Now

Long before "Carrie Bradshaw" was born, Sarah Jessica was lighting up red carpets -- with strikingly different looks. Watch the star of 'Failure to Launch' blaze a fashion trail for more than a decade.

Sharon Stone -- Then and Now

From vamped up vixen to humanitarian (and back to vixen again), Sharon Stone has had the 'wow' look for a long, long time. Take a look at the 'Basic Instinct 2' star -- then and now.

Queen Latifah -- Then and Now

She's come a long way in her transition from music industry rapper to one of Hollywood's leading ladies. More than most, The Queen has transformed herself over the years. What the 'Ice Age: The Meltdown' star turn into a true fashionista. Queen Latifah -- then and now.